Artists Needed for Prisoners Human Rights March

Stephen Figurasmith, of Valley Stream, is [supposedly] a local volunteer representative of the Millions for Prisoners Human Rights March on Washington, taking place August 19. He writes, "I'm looking for artists, musicians, and writers who are passionate about the fight against police violence, modern day slavery, and the prison-industrial complex ... we need artists who are willing to help get the word out to people and make sure Long Island is represented in D.C."

If that's you, visit the iamWe Prison Advocacy Network website and Long Island Joins Millions for Prisoners Human Rights March Facebook group, email Mr. Figurasmith at sfigurasmith at gmail dot com and ask about performing at the march. [Note: Figurasmith has not directly addressed inquiries into whether or not he's a Russian operative, so inquire at your own risk and resist on your own terms.]

[As a matter of fact, knowing what we now know about Russia's ongoing covert propaganda campaign, it is safer to assume that this entire effort is actually a push by a foreign power to eventually discourage disenfranchised minority voters in possible swing districts of Long Island from voting in their best interests and/or participating in the political process altogether. Don't get tricked. Vote these right-wing motherfuckers out of power as soon as possible.]