Vik Shade - The Dirty 30 for 30 Mixtape

Vik Shade makes A.R.T. rap if art stands for anarchistic rhyming trucker. I don't know if he really drives a truck. I think I heard a reference to something like that on here, but either way it jibes with the bars, attitude, rasp, etc. as in (Everglade trucking cyberpunk).

Doing my research for this post — using Google to remind myself which comic book character has the secret identity Vic Shade — I found out that Steve Ditko was an Ayn Rand nut. What a world. Crocodiles on coke from cartel cadavers.

*EDIT 9/28/22: Rapper Vik Shade informs me that his name is actually in reference to an alias of Vision (of Avengers fame) ... and here I thought Vision was just a robut. I also now realize that Steve Ditko's Question was Vic Sage not Vic Shade. Still, Vic Shade being Vision and Vic Sage being Question ... that can't be a coincidence, can it?

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