Suffolk County DA Charged With Obstructing

Now, now, now, let's not let a few bad eggs soil the reputation of one of the nation's most handsomely paid and distinguished police forces. It's not as if the department chief beat up a heroin addict who was in police custody after being arrested for stealing a bag of the chief's sex toys ... oh, wait.

OK, OK, OK, but it's not like said police chief was a linchpin in a government-wide network of corrupt lawmakers, enforcers and other public officials, stretching all the way up to the district attorney, who aided in a cover-up of the aforementioned dildo-shame beating ... oh wait.

"Suffolk Prosecutor Charged With Obstructing Police Assault Investigation."


Prince Paul - The Redux

On the strength of his work with De La Soul, Gravediggaz, Breeze Brewin and Horror City, I rank Prince Paul as the greatest producer of all time ... yes, even above DJ Premier. That's just how I feel. So you can understand why, when I saw there was a new Prince Paul project out featuring unreleased songs with Breeze Brewin, RZA, and De La Soul — not to mention Long Island Rap favorites Truth Enola and Bumpy Knuckles — I shit on myself. A couple days have passed, I've tossed my doo-doo pants, and now I'm prepared to share this brown-note magic with you (it's a thing; look it up). Stream the single-track mix below. Download it in four parts via Bandcamp. Click thru to Soundcloud for the tracklist.