Ohitika De Gallo on Everything

Ohitika aka Lil Tika aka Tika De Gallo not only makes some fun, polished, original music — he also has some of the freshest, most ridiculous visuals I've seen from any Long Island rapper in recent memory. Case in point: the IG photo and videos in this post. It's not all fun and games, though. The name Ohitika comes from the Lakota word for brave, and many of his songs tackle serious topics like mental health issues and emotional trauma. Check the videos below then stream the new album 222.

JHershey - Hershey Files - 02

J-Hershey showcasing the advancement. Hit him up.


Grandmilly & DJ Surrup - Toad

A collaboration of Zero Klique MC Grandmilly (left) and DJ Surrup (right) has been long overdue, so when Surrup and Klique creative director BigZeem started tweeting about a triple ZERO radio mix featuring the two artists, it started to sound like such a meeting of the minds might actually materialize. A few days later it did. On October 25, Grandmilly and DJ Surrup released Toad, a three-song EP featuring beats and rhymes by Milly, with scratches and mixing by Surrup under the creative direction of Zeem. A celebration of character, Toad is grimy, sticky and dissectible. Stream/support below, then head to ZeroKlique.com to cop some exlusive merch, including the long awaited Adventureland cassette.