TecNickel - "South Shore" ft. Shea Doll

North Babylon's TecNickel hit us with a local anthem from 2013 that manages to simultaneously celebrate community pride and lament the cycles of poverty and addiction that plague said community. "South Shore" indeed. Featured on the hook is Shea Doll, also of N. Babylon.

Punk Barbarians - "Hooptie Car" Original '95 Version

If you checked out LongIslandRap.Comp V1 some time over the past few weeks, then you heard the Punk Barbarians' 1996 single "Hooptie Car" on there. If you downloaded the Hooptie Car CDS back in June then you've heard the instrumental and radio mixes as well.

What you haven't heard (not here at least) is the original version, released one year earlier on the obscure promo CD Wreck League Wreckords Soundtrack 1995, which was put out by Chuck D's short-lived label of the same name. Unfortunately this compilation is nowhere to be found on the net (as far as we can tell) and a hard copy will run you at least $50 if by some chance you find one.

The good news is that some of the songs from the comp are floating around online, one of them being the "Hooptie Car" original mix, featuring a totally different beat, as well as several alternate verses and background vocals that don't appear on the original in any shape or form. It's a rare treat, one that probably hasn't aged as well as the commercial release unless you're a big New Jack Swing fan, but worth checking out nonetheless. Stream and download it below, and head over to YouTube user dougpark17's channel to hear a few other cuts from this rare release.


Theravada - "525 Rough"

Theravada doesn't just make bugged out beats; he also raps like a strange creature of sorts. (Speaking of, check out his F U K X E N [Rap Demo] too.) Listen to this while you still can, before Xen takes it off the Internet and puts it back in his beard for safe keeping.


Tha Connection - Splash Bros E.P.

Whether you call them Hus & SmooVth, Tha Connection or the Splash Brothers, the fact remains: Hempstead's Hus Kingpin & Sean SmooVth are back with another free release, this one dropping via Complex Magazine and streaming via Audiomack. If you want to download it via Audiomack, you'll have to connect their App to your Twitter or Facebook account. Alternatively, you can download the Splash Bros E.P. right here without any of that hubbub.


LongIslandRap.Comp Volume 1

Today is the one-year anniversary of LongIslandRap.com, so to mark the occasion I decided to put together a compilation comprised of singles, b-sides and deep album cuts from some of my favorite lesser-known Long Island hip-hop artists. Download LongIslandRap.Comp V1 here, refer to the credits and links below for additional information, and most of all, thank you for continuing to support Long Island hip-hop and LongIslandRap.com.

Roc Marciano - "LI Stand Up" from Strength and Honor; DJ Prince - "Riddim Driven" from Test My Sound; Too Poetic - "Ruff Son of a Gun" from Droppin Signal; Darc Mind - "Get Your Hustle On" from Antediluvian EP Volume 2 released on Dope Folks Records; R.A. the Rugged Man - "Smithhaven Mall" from 50,000 Heads VLS; Punk Barbarians - "Hooptie Car (Street Mix)" from Hooptie Car CDS released on Lethal Records; Rumpletilskinz - "I-N-I" from What Is A Rumpletilskin? released on RCA; Horror City - "Pain" from Prince Paul Presents Horror City; True Mathematics - "After Dark" from After Dark VLS released on Select Records; Aesop Rock - "1,000 Deaths" from Appleseed; Grandmilly and SHOZAE - "Above Water" from Beneath the Mantle Vol. 1 (ShoCase Saga); Hard 2 Obtain - "Ism and Blues" from Ghetto Diamond VLS released on Atlantic; Sputnik Brown - "Spit Life" from The Seven/Twenty EP; Rozewood - "Passion Of The Roze" from Primer released on BLAK Fam Music Group; Megalon - "Rainblood" from A Penny For Your Thoughts released on Day By Day Entertainment; Hyenas in the Desert - "Can You Feel It Part 3 (Rezident Evil)" from Can You Feel It VLS released on Slow Jamz, Columbia; DJ Stitches & Rhyme Va-Lor - "These Are The Dayz" from These Are The Dayz VLS released on WaxWerkz Entertainment; Marlo DeMore - "Bittersweet Epiphany" from Still Dreaming.


Kenny Orlando - "Who's That"

Many an empty cup and rabid rap hand in this, the latest video off The BASSment Tape by Kenny Orlando. "Who's That" was produced by Misophonic and filmed on location in Manhattan.


Darc Mind - Outside Looking In 12"

Released on Loud Records in 1996, Outside Looking In was the first and only single Kevroc and X-Ray Da Mindbenda put out under the name Darc Mind. It's also the only Darc Mind song that isn't produced by Ray "X-Ray Da Mindbenda" Davis — Nick Wiz is credited as producer, mixer and engineer. Perhaps most notably, it contains the only known Kevroc acappella track, which is a jewel unto itself by virtue of the MC's vocal range. Stream that below and download the Outside Looking In 12" here.

Marlo DeMore & Ra - Faded Black and Gold

As the prime directive of Long Island Rap Blog is documentation, we generally don't take sides or try to say this rapper is better than that rapper or that so and so is the best, but with just three songs Marlo DeMore basically proved he's the best MC on Long Island ... and it's not even close.

Brought to you by the creativity curators at Dinner Land, Marlo DeMore and Ra the Beat Archaeologist's Faded Black and Gold EP premiered May 1 at on3trackmindstudios in Freeport and is currently available for download.

Other rappers, catch up.


Sugar Bear - Don't Scandalize Mine / Ready to Penetrate

Though celebrated in clubs across the U.K. and Europe, Sugar Bear's "Don't Scandalize Mine" single is today perhaps most significant for containing the first studio production of Ray Davis aka GM Web D aka X-Ray Da Mindbenda, who would of course go on to produce Darc Mind, MF Doom and the Monsta Island Czars among others. The record was also co-produced by Shabazz, who'd go on to provide arrangements for Ice Cube, Public Enemy and Mobb Deep. Sugar Bear The Powerful Powerlord, on the other hand, was basically never heard from again. Ah well. Stream the vocal mixes below and download the full single, containing both instrumentals, here.

Kid Rah - "21 & Young" / "Loud Pack" / "Cold Shoulder"

Three new joints from Bellport's Kid Rah aka Midoriginal. Vocally, these continue the loose, mellow vibe of Kid's 2014 debut, Spectrum EP. However, the trap drums of Chicago's Loud Lord, who produced all three, are a slight change of pace. We ain't mad though.