GEDA & Grand Wizzard MC - "Kenn vs. R.Y.U."
(Long Island Rap Exclusive)

An exclusive world premiere brought to you by the Green Enk Society label and a bunch of companies that presumably do things, "Kenn vs. R.Y.U." features Bay Shore titans GEDA and Grand Wizzard MC in out-the-box-style home-arcade entertainment, like kick back, take two Hadokens to the face, and call it an evening. Side note: Grand Wizzard MC is a classy name, and I dig it.


Superstar - "Superstar In Da Club"

Horror City impresario Superstar aka Big Supe turns up over a Nizzy Tracks beat that sounds like it was made for the 2686 dance floor, circa 2004; a contrast in styles, for sure, but a smooth departure nonetheless.


Akari - If I Made a Video Game

Since losing the Illucid moniker, 19-year-old Jordan Taylor aka Akari has been on a tear, releasing one ambitious remix after another. Summer anthems, contemporary R&B classics, southern rap sacrosanct: none of these are out of reach or done disservice by the talented hand of this young producer.

Below, check out his latest instrumental project, If I Made a Video Game, which was uploaded earlier today, along with the remixes alluded to above, including his recent take on Outkast's heretofore untouchable "Art of Storytellin Part 1."


Lisaan'dro - "You Already Know"

It's all happening.


The Militant Messenger - "How It All Began"

"How It All Began," by The Militant Messenger, is, at least as far as Discogs can tell, the only project ever released by that artist or by Megadope Records. Containing five songs spread across six tracks (with one remix, one instrumental), it survives today via a lone YouTube stream (below) and the occasional online sale in which the wax fetches anywhere from $20-$90 (currently, it's only available from two overseas retailers that are asking for $57 and $75, plus shipping).

Perhaps one of the draws is the fact that this single is among the earliest productions from Ray "GM Web D" Davis, aka X-Ray Da Mindbenda who's achieved acclaim in the U.S., U.K. and abroad as a producer for DOOM, Monsta Island Czars and Darc Mind, as well as for his solo work, rapping under the name King Cesar. Below, a message worth listening to from him, B. McMoore and T. Campbell.

If you've any other info on this release, please drop a line in the comments.


RumpleStromSkins - "Waisted Talent"

Not to be confused with unsung LONS affiliates Rumpletilskinz, RumpleStromSkins are the brains behind "Waisted Talent" and the Vision Bored mixtape. Intentional misspellings abound.

Nomad Carlos - "Lavish Livity" / "Back Home"

Coming to your area via Elmont by way of Kingston, Jamaica, Nomad Carlos represents one fourth of The Council. Below catch him globalizing along with the UK's Sonnyjim and fellow Jamaican Councilman Five Steez. Both songs were produced by Sosa for ArkHouse Music Group.

Aamen Arthur - "Aamenboi"

I'm not going to lie to you. Half the reason I'm posting this is the furry head. The other half-reason: it's dope and Aamen will soon be releasing his first project. You can catch part of a video for the above (minus the teddy-head), shot at Field 4, via Aamen's IG.

Nick Dillinger - Lifeless

While you were obsessing over memes and ISIS, Nick Dillinger was going through a quarter-life crisis. So he made some songs. And now he has his first self-produced project. And then I sent him an email asking if I could add him to my email list, to which he said, "Yeah for sure. Can you peep my new tape too?" So I did. It's pretty cool, not my favorite, not bad though. You might dig it. I don't know, bro. I'm obsessing over memes and ISIS ... and mexican food ... and Star Trek: The Next Generation. That's what I think. What do YOU think? Wait, I'm bugging. This is a blog post. Yo be cool. Microdose everything.


AZOMALI - "Fuck Trump"

What more needs to be said?

Quis Christ - "Back from the Tombs"

Quis Christ dips once again into the Ski Beatz vault 'o classics, this time coming through with the always delightful "Luchini" chorus for "Back from the Tombs," the first single off his new Life as a Shortie project.


Lisaan'dro - "E.P.M.D." / "Something Greater"

Discussing the outro of 2010's "Ridin Around," Roc Marciano told NahRight, "That’s my man Lisaan’dro rapping. He’s one of my homies who I grew up with, one of my good friends. A good guy ... He spits every now and then. He ain’t a dude that’s rappin’ professionally."

"Every now and then" was right. As far as I can tell, Lisaan'dro dropped one other song five years ago. But in 2017, he's dropped two, both killers. I've heard of keeping a low-profile, but I've got to believe there are more joints in the archive. To be continued for now...


Public Enemy - Nothing Is Quick In The Desert

Public Enemy celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, and to commemorate the occasion, Chuck D announced last week that the group's newest album would be given away free of charge. "The 41 min journey is not made for singles but rather a walk through a sonic desert," he writes. Per Rolling Stone, "The 13-track album features guest appearances from Ice-T, PMD of EPMD, Easy Mo Bee, Sammy Vegas and Solé. Longtime collaborator David "CDOC" Snyder produced the record, with help from Stetsasonic's Daddy-O, DJ Pain 1, Mike Redman, Dejuan Boyd, JP Hesser and Public Enemy's Professor Griff and DJ Lord." And it's also just in time for Independence Day!!! Power to the people.

JustWoz - No Rules

JustWoz may or may not have his photo on the wall of the West Hempstead taco spot I frequent. He definitely makes most of his own beats, though, so props for that.

JHershey - "Broken Skies" / "Scrap Brain"

J-Hershey writes, "Wassgudd yo. Im a producer from Valley Stream. Tryna spread my instrumentals to som other rappers on the island." Hit him up.