EPMD - Handle Your Business: Special Edition Mixtape

One of few mixtapes from EPMD's DJ Scratch, Handle Your Business was first posted by the now-defunct 13th Floor Growing Old Blog. According to the post, this tape was sold exclusively on EPMD's 2006 tour. In a 2009 interview with NodFactor.com, DJ Scratch said of his mixtape work, "I’ll do one once every two years or so. When I do one I want it to last. Like the EPMD Handle Your Business mixtape, people already have them but you flip it in your own special way. The concept mixtapes last forever." Download here and preview a standout track below.


Roc Marciano - "Ball of Yarn" (prod. by Gensu Dean)

Right about now, cats who remember the lead up to Reloaded are catching a bit of deja vu from this wave of murderous cameos and non-album solo cuts building to the impending retribution of Rosebudd's Revenge.

To the list that includes the Ras Beats' "No Pressure," DJ Skizz's "Bosses," Alchemist's "All For It," Blue Sky Black Death's "Valley of Kings," DJ Rude One's "Murder Paragraphs" and "Triple Black Benz," and god knows what else, we can now add Gensu Dean's "Ball Of Yarn," from the producer's forthcoming RAW album.

Speaking of albums, social media has been abuzz with talk of Rosebudd's Revenge dropping any day now, and Roc even commented that the chances of a Metal Clergy album are "Very good," as you can see here. Praise him.


+RADICAL$+ E$$ENTIAL$ 2013-2016

This post is long overdue, but with a literal fascist about to take over the country's highest office, I can think of no better time for something +RADICAL+. Here then are some highlights from the young squad's catalog, including some recent and some not-so-recent releases by Amityville's Oscar O'Malley, Mob9 reps Kasper Dangers and DrownMili, and (SUNY) Farmingdale's Black Teenager (originally from Brownsville). These are just a few of the tracks I've been playing on repeat tonight, but there are many more members of this collective, so if you dig what you hear below, dig deeper.

Kasper Dangers - It's Raining Outside (2016) 

Black Teenager - "Born to Die:World is a Fuck" (2016)  
Oscar O'Malley - Orange Starburst Baboon An Da First Offense Vol. 1 (2013)  
DrownMili - "Gold Noose Babe" (2015)


Elucid - "I Want A President"

Elucid takes a cue from Mykki Blanco by covering Zoe Leonard's "I Want A President," but takes it a step further by producing an instrumental accompaniment.

I also have a poem for you. Here goes:

Panic attack
Packing my bags
O Canada


Marlo DeMore & BMC Beats - Sophi

The long anticipated, originally available exclusively to Instagram-based skull cap consumers and Long Island-based hip-hop blog owners, now free for your streaming pleasure.