Hus "Wavo" Kingpin - The Threesome EP

In October 1992 Madonna released a 128-page photography book called Sex, which featured on pages 102 and 104-108 pictures from a shoot with Big Daddy Kane and Naomi Campbell. (Flip the pages below.)

In July 2020 Hus Kingpin released The Threesome EP on digital, vinyl and CD formats with cover art inspired by said shoot, including the illustrated alternative by Squat Deadface seen here.

"She said, 'Yeah, it's wavy, ain't it?'"

"Huh, say what? What was that?"

CDs and LPs include the download.

Sugiwon - "Nova"

In Sugiwon's bag for new single "Nova": jungle drums, forgotten zips, cruise control, Marvel and Capcom references but not Marvel vs. Capcom, and as per usual no shortage of catchy hook-line sinkers.

If arcades were still a thing, "Nova" would go there for romance. At once woozy and wavy, Sugiwon's warped croon rhymes take off via all major modes of transporation, by land, by sea and by air.

Planet devouring demigod in the rear view, new herald on deck.


PcaSoul - Batcha Mama (prod. by DJ Prince)

I'm late. Something might've happened. Regardless, this exists. In addition to producing his own shit, which scorches, DJ Prince has been soundtracking a number of side projects in recent months as always. PcaSoul, of Washington Heights and Arcane Potential, freestyles sung raps like dance recitals on dub slaps. Lauryn Hill interpolations become note app word associations become...


Jazzy Yowa - 2 Months After February 20

The title might lead you to think trees and spring, but if that's the intent, the result is more palm trees and hot springs. It's no vacations, though.

2 Months After February 20 is a sweaty, steamy affair, like moving into a new apartment in August with no air conditioning.

Sipping Dark n' Stormies after a day of lifting U-Haul boxes filled to the breaking point with a life on wax, those little corner slices of packing tape keeping it all together, the glass's sticky condensation recalling that.

Where are we going with all this? "Somewhere."