Long Island Rap Records accepts submissions from all hip-hop artists hailing from and/or currently residing on Long Island. Email links and/or songs to All submissions will be given equal thought and consideration ... except those by artists whose names begin with Lil, Jay, Young or any variation of combination of these words. If your name is Lil' J. Yung, you're fucked. Seriously, though, I'll listen to and consider anything any Long Island hip-hop artist submits, but rappers, DJs and producers who demonstrate a sense of originality and respect for the craft have the best chance of having their music posted here.

Please include the LI neighborhood you're from in your email.

[Lils Peep and Tecca never submitted their music here, and yet they have songs with more plays than this website has lifetime visits. The struck text above, written in 2014, was never meant to be taken too seriously but clearly hasn't done the site any favors, so sincere apologies to Lil' J. Yung and co.]