Disco Vietnam - House Rabbi Vol. 5

Tonight (technically last night, December 29, 2019) was the last night of Hanukkah, tomorrow (technically today, December 30, 2019) is the last day, and I can think of no better way to celebrate than with House Rabbi Vol. 5 from Barry "Disco Vietnam" Schwartz (excecpt maybe if there were 8 volumes of this series, not 5 — then that would be a decidely more apporopriate way to celebrate). Shalom!

UptownBODEGA - Hennesis

And the award for Long Island rap's best album cover of 2019 goes to Central Islip's UptownBODEGA for Hennesis.

Blaq Kush - Lost Files from 2013-2017

One of the most readily recognizable voices in Long Island rap brings 10 tracks from 2013-2017 out of hiding.

Rome Streetz & SmooVth w/ DJ Eclipse

Came here to post a video of Rome Streetz on Live from Headqcourterz Radio with DJ Premier on the tables (August 6, 2019), but found this 10-minute video of Rome, SmooVth and Rasheed Chappell on Rap is Outta Control (September 30, 2018) instead.


Fuck a List 2019

Roc Marciano - Marcielago

Theravada - Xennis Rodman

Lisaan'dro - M.A.D.E. (My Allies Died Early)

Elucid - Every Egg I Cracked Today Was Double Yolked

Josh Alias - Growing Pains

Azomali - Guayaba

WiFiOG - Disrupt

Darc Mind - What Happened to the Art?

Christ Kenneth - The Abomination of Desolation

AM - self.


Long Island Rap Blog Is Now Long Island Rap Records

I started Long Island Rap Blog in 2014 to document and promote the rap music and hip-hop culture of Long Island, NY, the place where I was born, raised and have lived for most of my life. Which is really just a fancy way of saying I started the site because I wanted it to exist and it didn’t. I wanted there to be a single platform where listeners could enjoy the sounds — and learn about the architects — of Long Island hip-hop's past, present and future. I like to think I have succeeded in that regard.

I now plan to redouble my efforts on LongIslandRap.com, to do more than just post text, audio and video. I still want to bring attention to Long Island rap, but I also want to help bring the music into physical existence, to put it in a form where it can be held, opened, and felt by listeners such as myself. Therefore, I am turning Long Island Rap Blog into Long Island Rap Records.

Moving forward, LongIslandRap.com will continue to function exactly as it has in the past. However, it will also provide a platform to sell physical copies of new and previously unreleased recordings from Long Island artists, namely cassette tapes. This format will enable Long Island Rap Records to materialize quickly and inexpensively. Rest assured, the site’s commitment to quality and originality will be not just upheld but intensified when it comes to the label side.

Long Island Rap Records’ first release will be I’m From a Little Place, the debut solo album from Andy Koufax of Massapequa, NY (by way of Wantagh). Andy previously released the Chin Music EP in 2013. Since then he has appeared alongside Armand Hammer (billy woods & Elucid) on “The Thousand Headed Man” off Willie Green’s Doc Savage and alongside Warren Britt on “We Are Not Afraid” off Britt’s With Laurel.

Additional tape releases from other Long Island artists are currently being planned and will be announced in the months ahead.

To everyone who has ever visited LongIslandRap.com, hit play on a song you found here, shared a post, left a comment, or submitted a release for consideration, thank you for helping this site grow into the platform it is today. I am grateful for every second you have spent here. I hope you dig our forthcoming releases as much as I do.

Samuel "$bin♦" Diamond
Founder, Long Island Rap Records


DJ Surrup - Aja (ChopNotSlop Remix)

It's been a minute since we posted something from ZeroKlique's resident remixer DJ Surrup. Thankfully while this site's been quiet, the world's taken notice. In 2019, DJ Surrup surpassed 1 million plays on Audiomack and became an official member of the OG Ron C's Chopstars camp, hence the logo that appears on the covers for all his most recent releases including this one. If you're not familiar, Aja is probably the best known album by '70s jazz-rock outfit Steely Dan. You have most likely seen a dad or uncle grooving to several joints on here, or you are one and that should be you. The album was also a favorite among hip-hop produers of the '80s and '90s, yielding samples for at least one classic Long Island rap record and at least one hit single.

Poepan the Prolifik Penn - The Winds of Change

Decades before re-emerging as the Prolifik Penn, Poepan was a member of the Kemelions, a Native Tongues-type trio from Central Islip that put out an EP on Zoo Street in 1992. In the interim, he released a 2001 single for A Gattaca Project Recordings and was managed by AJ Woodson (aka AJ Rok of the almighty JVC Force). He also linked up with Heavy Hitters Music for "The Earth Revolves" as well as the Heavyhitter himself DJ Enuff for this mixtape, 2015's The Winds of Change. For more info, check the liner notes and tracklist.