Freddie Foxxx - Bars in the Booth Session 6

The first write-up for Freddie Foxxx's appearance on DJ Premier's Bars in the Booth series used the phrases "terrorize a microphone" and "Watch the studio get burned down."

That about sums it up.

Watch Foxxx "terrorize a microphone" and burn down a studio, below.


"I don’t know why it took so long, nor do I care"

A graphic design major while at Adelphi, Chuck D
designed the now-iconic PE logo, using a picture of b-boy
E Love, which he cut out of the fanzine Right-On.
In anticipation of the It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back and Fear of a Black Planet reissues, Chuck D spoke to Cuepoint about Public Enemy's past and the making of these classic albums. Just as these reissues are must-haves for all Long Island hip-hop completists, this article, "It Took A Nation: The Greatest Rap Album Gets Its Due," is instant must-read status.

De La Soul - "The People" ft. Chuck D

Can you believe De La Soul and Chuck D never did a song together until now?

I can't, which is why I've been spending the past few minutes scouring the Internet for previous collaborations.

De La did tap Flavor Flav for "Come On Down" off The Grind Date, but as far as I can tell, Chuck has never rapped alongside Pos and/or Trugoy before.

Stream "The People" below and download it from WeAreDeLaSoul.com, where you can also cop "The People" tee and crew neck to help support All Star Code and I Love Ferguson.


Mr. Cash - Mid Life Crisis

Two of the most recent LIRB submissions come direct from Long Beach, where the boardwalk has been rebuilt and new apartment listings are popping up all the time, but many of the city's longtime residents and businesses are still working to get back on their feet two years after Sandy.

One guy who's clearly been on his grind lately is Mr. Cash, who sent his videos for the Complexx-produced "iheart Hip Hop" and the DJ DNA-produced Hate to Love Me" (both below), but humbly neglected to mention that he's dropped something like six albums/mixtapes/EPs over the past three years.

Both of the aforementioned songs are on Mid Life Crisis, Mr. Cash's 12-track album from early this year. Please dig deeper into his recent catalog, and look out for more from Cash and at least one of his LB associates coming soon.


Metal Clergy - Piece & Carats (Continuous Mix)

Metal Clergy consists of Hempstead's Roc Marciano and his Brownsville counterpart Ka, who first announced that the two had been working on an album called Piece Be With You back in 2012. Rabid fans such as myself have been champing at the bit ever since. Unfortunately, though we've been kept abreast of the project's progress through various interviews, there is still no scheduled release date. So, in an effort to imagine what a completed Metal Clergy album might sound like and showcase the combined strengths of the artists involved, I decided to compile a continuous mix comprised of all the already-released Roc-Ka songs played in semi-chronological sequence with a few relevant interview clips scattered across the transitions. The resulting nine-song mix you are (hopefully) about to listen to clocks in at 33:36. I am by no means a DJ — this whole thing was put together using Audacity — so some of the transitions are smoother than others, but I did my best to keep it at least generally cohesive. Below you will find the download link, tracklist, and mix credits including links to places where you can purchase the albums containing these songs. Do not ask me to upload the individual tracks, because I will not. Please support the artists.

Metal Clergy - Piece & Carats
1. Firehouse ft. GZA
2. We Do It
3. Iron Age
4. Nine Spray
5. Soap Box
6. Squeeze ft. Guilty Simpson
7. Not Told ft. Knowledge The Pirate
8. Confucius
9. Fall of the Bronz

Mixed by $bin♦
Cover Art by Young BeenDead

Tracks 1, 2, 6, 7, 8 produced by Roc Marciano
Tracks 3, 5 produced by Ka
Track 4 produced by Ray West
Track 9 produced by Preservation

"Firehouse" originally appeared on Pro Tools, released by Babygrande Records in 2008. "We Do It" originally appeared on Marcberg, released by Fat Beats in 2010. "Iron Age" originally appeared on Grief Pedigree, released by Iron Works Records in 2012. "Nine Spray" and "Not Told" originally appeared on Reloaded, released by Decon Records in 2012. "Soap Box" originally appeared on The Night's Gambit, released by Iron Works Records in 2013. "Squeeze" and "Confucius" originally appeared on Marci Beaucoup, released by Man Bites Dog Records in 2013. "Fall of the Bronze" originally appeared on 1200 B.C., released by Iron Works Records/Mondieu Music in 2014.

Hail Mary Mallon - Bestiary (Album Stream)

On Tuesday, November 11, Northfork's bearded son Aesop Rock and his partner from The Bronx, Rob Sonic, will release their second album as Hail Mary Mallon, Bestiary

The Rhymesayers record label, which is issuing this sophomoric beast on CD and picture-disc vinyl with three Coro-illustrated covers (at left), just made the full album stream available for all, so check it out below and get your pre-order in now if you haven't already done so.


Peter Leo & Eitan Noyze - "So Superb (Boom Bap Mix)" ft. Styles P

Happy to have this one land in my inbox today. Peter Leo is a Brentwood-based MC with a pretty deep resume for an upcoming local act. Last year, he released the Young Baby Father EP with DJ Concept and the Little Lion Mixtape, both through the Deep Concepts Media label. The list of artists he's worked with so far includes such names as Keith Murray, Nature, Reek da Villian, Little Vic, and of course, Styles P, who appears on "So Superb," the latest single off Peter Leo & DJ Eitan Noyze's Energy Shift album. If you like what you hear above, you can stream the entire album courtesy of Diamond Media 360 (no relation) and/or support the artists by copping it on iTunes, Amazon or Google Play.

De La Soul - De La Soul Is Dead Era Rarities

If you checked the 3 Feet High and Rising Era Rarities post, then you already know the drill. Quick rundown: back in 2009, TROY blog poster Roy Johnson compiled a series of compilations collecting remixes, demos, and other assorted rarities from throughout De La Soul's catalog. Here, we have Volumes 1 and 2 of the De La Soul Is Dead Era Rarities compilations. While the first volume is comprised entirely of remixes for "Saturday" and "Keepin' The Faith," there are some gems among the bunch, including a UK 12" mix that clocks in at 7:20. Volume 2 ups the ante with four early demo recordings, the most intriguing and historic of which has got to be the "Scenario" demo featuring A Tribe Called Quest, Leaders of the New School and Black Sheep. Preview the aforementioned songs below, then download DLSIDER Vol. 1 and Vol. 2.