Shozae & Grandmilly - 2 Stoopid Dogz

Rhymes by Grandmilly. Beats by Shozae. Mixed by Shozae & QS. Art by DavidFTC. Download below.

Dread Da Don - "Mafioso" ft. Don Cash

It's a meeting of three Dons as Inwood's Dread Da Don brings in Long Beach's Don Cash for a New York crime side saga produced by Don P. A longtime LIRB-favorite, Cash was recently featured on LongIslandRap.Comp Volume 2 and, bluntly speaking, makes this track his own even though he's the one listed as the featured artist. You know what they say, though: "Cash rules."

"Down in the ‘Danch" By Alissa Fleck

"...1920s German resort town that seems all but forgotten..."

"The home of former German SS officer Bill Lyons, who lived in the area following World War II, is now a mosque."

"Driving through Wyandanch looking for action, Cronogue at one point loudly jokes: 'Come on, somebody shoot someone.'"


TrueFreedom - "Wicked" / "Money"

TrueFreedom is ALLAN and Keef, two hustle-minded Hempsteaders who clearly know some of the right people. Case in point: "Wicked" was produced by Grandmilly with a video by Numeral. It'll be on Voo Doo the Mixtape, coming soon. And the "Money" video, which as you can see features Grandmilly, was directed by Kenny Orlando. That song comes from the Trap EP, which is available for free with any purchase from the TrueFreedom Shop. Freedom is free, because it's inside you. TrueFreedom merch starts at just $15 though. Get more free at TFSociety.com.


Swad - Ripple(s) #1-4

Swad raps too. (Peace to Young Melanin.) But for my money, diced up instros like these are strong enough on their own without any vox. (Of course, for your money, you can lease or purchase some Swad beats and do your best to prove me wrong.) Scary thing is the above gems are actually just unfinished leftovers from the vaults.

DJ Stitches & BP - The Producerz

Dug this mix up from the the old WAXWERKZ blog. DJ Stitches and BP trade remixes of tracks by Half-a-Mil, Big L, Ras Kass, Pharoah Monch, Mobb Deep, Nas, Jadakiss, M.O.P., Big Pun, Kool G Rap, B.I.G., Jay-Z, Raekwon and more.


Chilo/Irs - "CnI"

"CnI" is the titular lead single off the new album from Riverhead-raised MC/poet Chilo Cajigas and Brooklyn-based DJ/producer Devi8tor Irs (hence C-n-I). For more true school poetics over grassroots break beats with an anti-colonial slant, hit the bandcamp.

Zilla Rocca & The Shadow Boxers ft. Roc Marciano - "Young Blood (Zilla Rocca Remix)"

Remix of standout track from illadelpian Zilla Rocca's No Vacation For Murder.

DJ Surrup - #BarcelonaBrazy

The usually downtempo DJ Surrup shows his taste is anything but one-note, with a real-time mix of hip-hop, grime, jungle, house and Miami bass joints.


Subroc and Kurious - WKCR Freestyle

Undated Subroc radio freestyle ripped from Stretch and Bobbito replay show uploaded by Dirty Waters. Photo of a young Subroc on the Apple II circa 1987 taken from GRNDGD who got it form Dimbaza Dumile (brother of DOOM and Subroc).


Ras Beats - "Wit No Pressure" ft. Roc Marciano

How to set off an otherwise quiet month on the Long Island Rap Blog: Roc Marciano track including the bars: "Lit up a bogey, your flow to me is karaoke / The pad is smokey and my back is soapy / My whole cult be like Aleister Crowley." Look for Ras Beats' Control Your Own July 19 on Worldwide Recordings.


Green Enk Society Presents
GEDA - It's Always Sunny in New Amsterdam (Premiere)

Pour out some riot punch because Long Island Rap Blog is proud to bring you the latest release from Bay Shore's Green Enk Society, It's Always Sunny in New Amsterdam by GEDA the Genius. A five-song EP about life in these New York streets, it features DJ Amazin (former DJ of the late Chinx), as well as Dos Cold, Grand Wizzard MC and Munch Pilot. But with lines like "These cops ain't nicer than me / I live my life in these streets, they just work 9-5 in these streets" and "My president is black whenever it's convenient / Fam got my back as long as I never need shit," GEDA clearly has the bars to hold down top billing. To hear more from GEDA and the Green team, check them out at greenenkgallery.wordpress.com.


Hus Kingpin & Rozewood - "Love Day"

Taking the high road in the Winners-Griselda rift: "I just had yall niggas out in LA, smoking the best weed you ever seen in your face."

Trill Carl - "June 24th" / "Félicité"

Corrupt Entertainment representative Trill Carl looks a few weeks ahead to the future and reflects on the traumas that so often inform it.


DJ Kaos - 1994 DMC USA East Coast Eliminations

You might know DJ Kaos from Too Poetic, or if you go way back, various Wyandanch events from the day. Here he is showing off his chops at the 1994 DMC East Coast Eliminations. If you want to hear more DJ sets from him, be sure to check out The Original DJ Kaos Facebook page as well.


Introducing June

June knows what time it is. Unfortunately, judging by his play counts, you probably don't. But that's OK ... for now. Analyze the economics of ill monosyllabic Noyd-like phonics. "I'll be back in a glimpse. One thing about my faction is this: We aint satisfied until the target is hit on a concrete stiff. Only the shell of his character exists." "Back then they used to stone men, kill next of kin. Soft like Barbie and Kim, nah that aint him, just a cheap blend." "J, you smoke too much. Shit, I aint smoking enough. Turn to Channel 12 to see another one bites the dust." "Head steeped in the greenery. The scenery's the front yard and the canopy. Can this be? Recorded as a mystery. Misery. Male tendencies. 'Stop hitting me,' she yelled." "Inside the crackhouse cooking up base, distraught by the look on her face. I'd do whatever it takes..." [If you don't recognize that sample flip, get off my blog.]  "In the end it all hurts. Is the pain worth getting covered makeup on my shirt?" "Hennessy chased the coke. Needle laced with dope-a-rope. Nod to this rhyme I wrote reaching for enjoyment. Lack of unemployment got bullets deploying. Block is hot til the beast destroyed it."