Eternal Intellect - "God Rule da Galaxy" / "Subordinate 2 Da Law"

Eternal Intellect has been quietly killing shit for more than 20 years but only recently begun to get the exposure he deserves, thanks in part to Chopped Herring Records, which unearthed a few songs from the time E.I. was working with DJ Stitches. Over the past few weeks, though, Eternal's been especially active, flooding Soundcloud with dozens of new joints. The two most recently released songs, both of which were posted February 23, provide perfect examples of the effortlessly elevated vibes E.I. evokes every time he grabs the mic. True head-nod mind-flight material.

Sage Infinite - "It's Like Butta" (Prod. by SHOZAE)

SHOZAE just broke us off his latest production credit, another joint with frequent collaborator Sage Infinite. If you haven't already downloaded the two albums they've done together, do yourself a favor and get Dark Minded and Dark Minded 2, ideally before today's sunrise.


Dj Pr!nce - "Likkle Pinch" ft. Rayvon

Fresh off the 2014 release of his dancehall/roots-inspired Test My Sound LP and Shottas/Come Again 7", Dj Pr!nce returns with another chat-style project that blurs the line between reggae and rap. "Likkle Pinch," the first joint off the forthcoming Chop Fui project by this Central Islip-raised Mobile Kitchen Soundwave rapper/producer/selector, features some additional toasting by Rayvon over a beat by Viiatrice. Stream/download below.


Pozy - Vaya Con Dios

From Pozy's keyboard to my inbox to your eyes: "I recorded that in about an hour Sunday and just threw it on the bandcamp for people to enjoy.. Vaya Con Dios means go with god in Latin and someone said it to me after I spit this poem at an open mic so it stuck with me." A 30-minute continuous mix, Vaya Con Dios is the second such release put out by Pozy in the past few days, the first being ♓ nuvaremũsars ♈ 22015, which follows a similarly organic formula but runs upwards of an hour. These musical exercises are meant to serve as a warm-up for Pozy's full-length album. Next up, though, is an instrumental beat tape and more from his fellow Birdwatchers.


The Ca$h - "Givin My Love (To You)"

According to Everett "Salaam" Dickerson, the MC on this track, The Ca$h was a group consisting of himself, Johnny Floyd (guitar), Wayne Squires (keyboard) and DJ Vaughn Ski (who I believe is a.k.a. Vaughn Sessions). Notably, the Discogs page credits Chas L. Sessions (a.k.a. Charles Sessions), who might be Vaughn's brother. Released by Cash Records on 12" in 1985 and on 7" in 1986, "Givin My Love (To You)" is apparently The Ca$h's first and only single. Not much is known about Salaam, except that he went to high school in Amityville with Super Star of Horror City and shares some loose affiliation with that neighborhood crew. You can watch Salaam trade stories with Supe and others here and stream The Ca$h's single below.


Grandmilly - "Chocolate Tai" (Video Premiere)

If you've been following Grandmilly from 2012's BVNDVNVZ X BLVCK MVGIC to 2014's Mind, Body & Soul, then you've heard him refine not just his recording techniques but his songwriting skills and beatmaking abilities as well. If you're just now coming around to the new new, then prepare to be blown away like a cloud of "Chocolate Tai."
Peace to BIG ZEEM of the Zero Klique for offering Long Island Rap Blog the opportunity to premiere this new video for "Cholate Tai," a +VISUALAID production he co-directed with Chris X. After watching, be sure to stream the entire Mind, Body & Soul album below and download it via datpiff if you haven't already done so. In other huge Grandmilly news, the Hempstead-based rapper/producer will be taking his live show to Austin for this year's SXSW festival. Also, be on the lookout for Long Island Rap Blog's upcoming interview with Grandmilly, which is currently in the works.


Prince Paul - It's Not the Size of Your Mix It's How You Use It Vol 1

Prince Paul says this mixtape will probably be the first of a few he puts out this year, adding, "I hope you enjoy and PLEASE SHARE! Blessings and support you local rapper."

We say, "Done, done, and well done, sir." Locals you may or may not recognize on this mix include R.A. the Rugged Man and Rhyme Va-Lor.

Stream "Its Not the size of your Mix Its how you use it" Mix Tape Vol 1 below, and/or download our 128kbps rip.


KMD's Black Bastards and the Birth of MF Doom

A young Zev Luv X photographed by Pete Nice
Brian Coleman includes in his latest book, Check The Technique Volume 2: More Liner Notes for Hip-Hop Junkies, a chapter on KMD's classic sophomore album, Black Bastards. Over the weekend, he put this chapter online via Cuepoint. Most probably already know the basic story of KMD, a rap group that consisted of MF Doom (then known as Zev Luv X) and his brother Subroc, who died in 1993, but Coleman, a true hip-hop historian, goes beyond the basics, sharing intimate knowledge gleaned from primary sources like Pete Nice and DOOM himself.

A thorough track-by-track breakdown of Black Bastards follows firsthand accounts of the meeting at which Zev was informed that Elektra wouldn't be releasing the album, as well as heart-wrenching details of Subroc's wake. This is the stuff of legend.

SHOZAE - Beneath The Mantle Vol. 1 (ShoCase Saga)

As we switch gears from the sounds of eternity to the sounds of today and from Suffolk to Nassau, we find ourselves in a precarious position.

Take a late-night drive through Uniondale with local producer SHOZAE (pronounced show-zay) and his Midnite Society cohorts, as they put an even darker spin on the dusty minimalism commonly associated with the town thanks to acts like The UN.

East Coast boom-bap gets the duct tape/ski mask/tape hiss treatment courtesy of Sho Da Flo Man, Grandmilly, Y2The3rd, Super Vic, Ace Who and company.