RAVAGE the MeccaGodZilla Blacking Out for Over 3 Minutes on a 2007 Chong Wizard Posse Cut

Chong Wizard is today an indie rap household name for his masterfully curated label, which issues all types of ill music I can ill afford, but that's OK because much of it sells out before I have a chance to succumb to temptation. Anyway, he's been DJing and producing much longer and recently Bandcamp-messaged out a sci-fi-themed mixtape he did in collaboration with X-Clan's Brother J in 2007, which is every bit the fire it sounds like it'd be. 

There's a ton to love about They Robot III: Robots of Dawn and you should definitely check it out, but for our purposes today, what I really want to draw your attention to is track 3, "Robots of Dawn Theme," a 10-minute posse cut featuring (in order of appearance, I think) Rack Lo, Azeem, Lil' Sci aka John Robinson, AKIR, Bashir, Phoenix Jones and R(estore) A(rtistic) V(ision) A(nd) G(rowth) E(verywhere) aka RAVAGE aka Ryu Black aka ADUM⁷ then aka MeccaGodZilla of the Monsta Island Czars, who appear elsewhere on the project. 

See how I dedicated about 1/3 of that paragraph simply to RAVAGE's attribution? That's about how long his appearance on this posse cut is in relation to the full song. That he was allotted 3-plus minutes, virtually an entire song unto itself, on an already well stacked track, whereas everyone else more or less contributes a verse or two, speaks to how completely he annihilates the whole affair. Even crazier, it sounds like they probably cut off some of his starting rhymes! 


Lungs, Phiik & Cise Greeny Are Where Are The Bugs

Pigs that came to clear the last apartment needed to bring in reinforcements after the door team fell ill — nausea, itchiness, eventually skin clawing and crawling. The tenants' belongings, their archives they'd called them, reeking with the decadence of generations, were infested with microscopic mold-feeding insects once thought extinct, a pest/ilence that clung to the decades' detritus. It got in the officers' throats, thus the vomiting, and on their clothes, hence the rash. By the time they called in the Health Department, it was too late. Developers had Romania on the horn. Quarantine would satisfy the force majeure clause, the financiers advised. City Hall complied on the condition they'd pick up the PR tab. So it was settled. One of the environmental remediators had a curious streak, though. Always kept a souvenir, in this case a shoebox. Taped voice recordings of the tenants' final days.


Urbvn Architects NYC - "Can't Wait"

Loss-for-words rap, as in all you can do is quote stuff back. Blaq Kush: "Gritty and narrow, painting your name but it's missing an arrow / Drifting at sea it was misty and shallow / You empty the clip on the fish in the barrel / Stuck in the office, I'm talking to Carole / I told her I'm Darryl, why / You're going to Bed like you live in the Stuy / Reside in the tunnel, I'm missing the sky / Stuck on the corner, said give me a ride." 


Disco Vietnam - House Rabbi Vol. 0

One time, playing manhunt, hopping the metal fence along the north side of my parents' backyard, I unknowingly snagged my shoelace on the top of said fence such that I landed chin-first on a big rock. To this date, my beard doesn't grown in quite right in that one spot. Talk about "best beats of a misspent youth." That fence fucked me up so bad, it changed my future appearance. Here, Disco Vietnam hip-hop instrumentalist Barry Schwartz holds a funny face so long it got stuck like that. Some of these beats are older than some of you.

Kenny Orlando x NoahMadeThiss - Garbage Disposal

In 1998's City of Angels, Nic Cage plays an angel who elects to exchange his immortality for the ability to make love to Meg Ryan's character. 


In the scene where Meg Ryan takes Nic Cage's virginity, she goes "We fit ... we were made to fit together," quite the pillow talk for Meg Ryan. 

Soon thereafter she gets hit by a truck and dies.

It's a great '90s romance, worth watching even knowing all that.