Lisaan'dro - "A Million Caribbeans" / "Cloudy Skies"

Flee Sport - Hoodie Szn

Athletic wordplay is what it takes to flow comfortably over an unconventional beatsmith the likes of DJ Pr!nce (we keeps it exclamatory around these parts, seen).

Case in point: all my real-deal digi-diggers ought to recognize this "Chinaman" jawn and revel in the post-bap glory of it all, cushioned of course by some mighty healthy mixtape freestyles, like um, "Mighty Healthy."

If you have no idea what any of this is about, then we're getting somewhere. Flee Sport plays the triangle offense below, kid. Post up.


Llewkritive x Kenny Orlando x ALLAN "DKv2"

ALLAN: "Our original idea for the video was to go to the same spot where we went to shoot 'KOH,' and needless to say we weren't allowed to be there. The cops showed up with about 10 cars to remind us of that. Nonetheless it got energy going to shoot a great video out in Farmingdale a little while later."


svrin - nightmare 2014

If only I'd checked my email in the past month, this dude might've ended up on the Halloween mix below. At 20, Syosset's svrin is low-key putting out some of the scariest music I've heard in a minute (and the beats below were done in 2014, so the same could be said of 17-yo svrin).

"Low-key" both because his play counts are in the teens (don't ask how), and in that his beats favor subtle suspense over cheap thrills, like how Suspiria will always be scarier than say Paranormal Activity.

Lease or buy beats here.