Bearded Legend - "Macabre"

Capping off our lil' Halloween horror show is "Macabre," a deathly ditty by Bearded Legend, which also serves as the title track off his latest EP. Stream here, download here, and have a Happy Halloween ya hear.


SmooVth & Spectacular Diagnostics - "Sauerkraut" / "Cobra Clutch"

"Shit sound like some horror flick shit," says SmooVth. Indeed.

Superstar - "R.I.P.A.Ville" / "New York"

The further one delves into Horror City's 30+ year catalog, the more one realizes just how deep the collective grew at its peak. The fact that founding member Superstar remains active today is impressive unto itself, but even more so considering he's one of few from the crew for whom this holds true. That said, like TCM, our Halloween marathon continues with some real-life horror stories told by none other than the inimitable, irreplaceable Big Supe. Both songs appear on his 2014 album Ghost of Horror City, available via Spotify and highly recommended.


Gore Elohim - Electric Lucifer In Video

Since Halloween is just a few days away, it feels only right to post something by one of the most horrifying MCs ever to come out of LI, Goretex.

Also, I'm like 97% sure I saw this man in the flesh at a screening of Maniac Cop 2 and Maniac in Huntington last weekend, but didn't approach him, because talking to strangers at the Maniac screening is not where I want to be in life right now.

Anyway, Electric Lucifer was criminally slept on when it dropped in 2013. Below are some videos Gore posted for it, and here is a super-in-depth interview he gave just a few months ago. Die! (^non-album cut^)

Tex Stone - "Good In Black"

Tex Stone gets love from Fader with something for lovers to get faded; good looks.


Tex Stone - Kato

All I know is that if this is truly Tex's complete catalog, his limited discography's a testament to quality over quantity.

Theravada - "Bombs in Manhattan"

Too soon/late.

P.E.T.E. & Super Vic - "Butterfly Dreams"

New single off the upcoming Midnite Society project, The Morning Can Wait, produced by Shozae, recorded and mixed by he and QS. You might remember P.E.T.E. as Petey Max from "Midniteizm" off LongIslandRap.Comp V2. Don't sleep. You'll get killed.


Flex - A Ride With Flex

Flex sent a really detailed, if slightly overzealous, email, which probably provides a better introduction than any critical assessment of his EP would, so hopefully he won't mind it being shared with you word-for-word:
"Hello my name is Flex, I'm Hip-hop artist from Long Island, New York. It was during my teen years that music became the driving force of my life. I began to do everything humanly possible to elevate myself, to elevate my craft. I found myself constantly trying to change my environment, challenging myself to adapt to different elements to induce my creativity. You’ve got to understand at the time, I lived in Valley Stream and I was a senior in High School. Its nothing like Harlem or Brooklyn, where creativity and individualism is promoted. So, establishing my identity as an artist became as essential as breathing. And thus Flex was born. New York used to be the Mecca of Hip Hop, my goal as an artist is to be a part of the movement that restores NY to its former glory. I want to put New York back in a position of power. I want people who grew up in the gritty streets of New York, to feel like it’s possible to beat the odds. I want to give people hope."
Peace to Menace for his flip of "No Scrubs" on track four.


The UBC - 2 All Serious Thinkers

The UBC is a rap group from South Hempstead consisting of core members Cae Love, Daryl "D-Nasty" Monroe, Mike "Air" Dolvin, The Blitz and The E-Ski Spectacular Show, with, according to their Facebook page, an extended crew including Mission, King J, Sha Boogie, Law & Prosecutor, Chase Smooth, KSD, ELD, Fish a.k.a. Phasion and Classick. I say "is" rather than "was" because they recently teased the release of a second album titled Return 2 Pitch Black City. The group's fertile period extended from 1988 until 1990, during which time they released four singles and their debut LP, 2 All Serious Thinkers. For further insight, read Thun's 2011 post on its title track, watch the videos below, and download here.


Ekundayo - "Style"

Ekundayo now reps Atlanta but used to run around the Port/Dale/Stead area with a crew called the Roudy Bunch and later, Liuns Den. If you're unfamiliar, check out this compilation of his older work.

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