Vote Long Island Rap Blog Best of L.I. 2017

1. Click the image or go to http://queenscourier.secondstreetapp.com/l/Best-of-Long-Island/Ballot/ArtsampEntertainment.
2. Hit the down-arrow.
3. Choose Blog from Long Island.
4. Vote Long Island Rap Blog.
5. Provide necessary info (or fake it).
6. Do this again tomorrow (you can vote once per day until December 15).

To win this, we need your support. The Long Island Press sells campaign advertisement packages for hundreds, even thousands, of dollars to nominees. As you know, Long Island Rap Blog is a(n unregistered) nonprofit enterprise. That means there is no promotional budget. (Nor any interest in buying support anyway — what the fuck do you think this is?) There is only you and me and the culture we serve. Vote Long Island Rap Blog. OK, campaign over. Back to the rap now.

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