The UBC - 2 All Serious Thinkers

The UBC is a rap group from South Hempstead consisting of core members Cae Love, Daryl "D-Nasty" Monroe, Mike "Air" Dolvin, The Blitz and The E-Ski Spectacular Show, with, according to their Facebook page, an extended crew including Mission, King J, Sha Boogie, Law & Prosecutor, Chase Smooth, KSD, ELD, Fish a.k.a. Phasion and Classick. I say "is" rather than "was" because they recently teased the release of a second album titled Return 2 Pitch Black City. The group's fertile period extended from 1988 until 1990, during which time they released four singles and their debut LP, 2 All Serious Thinkers. For further insight, read Thun's 2011 post on its title track, watch the videos below, and download here.

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