Andy Koufax - I'm From A Little Place (LIRR01) Cassette Now Available for Pre-Order

Edition of 100 blue and orange tapes in white case; each cassette includes autographed baseball card with hand-numbered liner note and download code.

$14 USD (includes $4 shipping)
Please send as friend, put address in notes.
Any questions, please email

Note: this is a pre-order. Tapes ship Feb. 3, 2020.


Store FAQ
Q: I'm not crazy about this tape. Can I just wait until the next one?
Sure, but there won't be a next one until we make enough from this one to help pay for production costs. I don't have Patreon, so if you'd like to support the only site dedicated exclusively to Long Island hip-hop, please think of this $14 purchase as a donation that will help fund ongoing operations and future releases, and do whatever you want with the tape.

Q: I don't have a tape player. Where are the "Rap Records?"
For now, I mean records as in recordings. Cassettes are the least expensive physical media for this fledgling label to produce. If there isn't a tape player in your hooptie or basement/junk-room, you might be able to find one for cheap at a garage sale or second-hand store. Also, every tape includes a download code so you can listen on the digital device of your choice. And it's just cool to have and hold.

Q: Can I just buy a digital copy and not the tape?
Yes, send $10 via PayPal or Venmo and include your email in the notes.

Q: Do you accept any other forms of payment?
Yes, Zelle or mail a personal check or cash. Email for details if you'd prefer one of those.

Q: Can you ship internationally?
Yes, but please pay in USD if possible. Shipping rates vary. Email for details.

Q: Will your releases be on digital streaming platforms?
The singles will be on Soundcloud, the albums on Bandcamp. Otherwise, no. As stated here, the primary purpose of the label is to produce and distribute physical media.

Q: Do you have any used vinyl records for sale?
A: As a matter of fact, yes, check out my Discogs. If I decide to put any used Long Island rap records up for sale, they'll be added on this page as well.

Q: Now that Long Island Rap Blog is Long Island Rap Records, is the submission process still the same?
Yes and thank you for your interest! It's exactly the same process for submitting songs or albums to be posted on the site. At some point, I may also begin accepting demo submissions for label releases, at which time I'll provide additional information on that process, but for now I have the first four or five releases in mind already.