Horror City featuring Resident Alien + Superstar - Aah's & Oohh's / Wine Fi Kill / Moogler / Freestyle Fiend

This is another one of those "singles" that would probably be considered an EP by today's standards, as it contains four unique songs, none of which are remixes, instrumentals or acapellas. Whatever you want to call it, this release features reggae-flavored rhymes by Horror City's Superstar and Resident Alien's Double Brain, Dragon and Mister Bug, as well as production by Double Brain, De La Soul DJ Maseo, and someone named Punchie P (possibly a Prince Paul alias).

Listen to "Aah's & Oohh's" below, download all four songs here, and check out this post by OG Long Island hip-hop historian Jesse Serwer for more info on the Resident Alien crew.

Cali Blaze - Deep Cover

In making his case for Deep Cover, Cali Blaze typed the following: "i got shyt for da streets I got shyt for da whip I got shyt for u to pump u up in da gym i got shyt for da clubs to turn up n throw bands to i try to keep it as 100 on my tape as I do for myself everyday i talk about da hustle gettin money but yu never see me talkin bout no lambos n fake shyt i dont got its real out chea so if yu hear da whole tape youll hear my kinda sound n wanna ride da wave !" You will also hear his wavy auto-tune vocals and some smoothly sinister beats by MalTar Music, a production group based out of Babylon. Cali Blaze reps Hempstead, though he and his team UCA (Unstoppable Cash Addicts) went to West Hempstead High.


Don Cash - "ODB Flow"

When we last covered Don Cash he was known as Mr. Cash. Since then, he's taken down a bunch of free releases and begun gearing up for his seventh solo project, which will be titled Growing The Fuck Up. If Cash has been growing the fuck up, his latest seems to indicate he's maturing into an old dirty bastard, at least in spirit. "ODB Flow" was produced by Complexx, a Lawrence-based producer who's worked with Cash on numerous songs including "iheart Hip Hop," which we posted back in November. Expectations are already high for GTFU but if this song couldn't even make the album, then Cash must really be up to something. Stay tuned.


Remy Represent - "Death Prone"

Inwood's Remy Represent can tell you more about this beautiful, two-sided song than we can, so here's some of what he had to say:

"I aim to make the midnight soundtrack for people [who/to] stay up and think all night. Dark, bold conceptual music that both sonically and lyrically represents the flawed human perspectives of various people's minds, explores and analyzes the human psyche and sheds light and focuses on mental disorders such as anxiety, depression, addiction, and self harm which can affect millions of people and their loved ones. "Death Prone" was produced by my main producer René Derobe and is my first official release and it was inspired by my own struggles with health anxiety/panic attacks and how I was really feeling at time like I wanted to hear a rap song that represented what was going through my mind, feeling helpless and prone to death."

If you can identify with any of those sentiments, then you'll surely find something relatable in this song. If not, watch the video anyway and stop being such a hard-ass. Directed by Tauno Ostra, the visual accompaniment to "Death Prone" pretty much obliterates the line between music video and short film. (And for our purposes, it puts an excellent exclamation point on a month already filled with artful and imaginative videos.)

Also visit Remy's Soundcloud page, where you can download the song, and RemyRepresent.com, where you'll find a full gallery of artwork dedicated to it.


D.A. The Future - "Rain"

A rainy Saturday afternoon seems an opportune time to post this latest video by Amityville's D.A. The Future. Kudos to both D.A. and the video's female lead, whose face alone conveys much of what the song has to say. In case you missed it, be sure to check out D.A.'s 18 North EP as well.

Tha Connection - Universal Dominance

A few years before Hus Kingpin built Digi Crate Records to be the international platform it is today, he and SmooVth were working with a number of different labels including Libyus Music, Goon Trax, and Domination Recordings, which released The Connection's Universal Dominance in 2008 as a free download. Somewhat surprisingly, this album is still available to stream and download. And though Hus "tha" Kingpin and SmooVth "Dude" have clearly honed their skills since, the raw artistic talents were already there, as you'll hear. Also appearing on this album were several artists with whom Hus and SmooVth are still collaborating today, including rapper Rozewood and producers SciFi and DJ Kryptonite. Download Universal Dominance here.


Grandmilly & Shozae - "Above Water"

"Above Water" first appeared on Shozae's Beneath The Mantle Vol. 1 mixtape. More recently it landed on our very own LongIslandRap.Comp V1. Tuesday night Sho and Milly dropped the official video. If some of this footage seems familiar, it might be because we posted the test footage back in April. Guess we've been unknowingly following this song's progress for a while now. Nice to see it back again.

Dr. Yen Lo - "Day 81" ft. Roc Marciano

The latest visual from Ka and Preservation's Dr. Yen Lo project, Days With Dr. Yen Lo, is the one we've been waiting for: "Day 81" ft. Ka's fellow Metal Clergyman Roc Marciano.

To hear more of that Metal Clergy gospel, be sure to download our continuous mix, Piece & Carats.


Pozy One - "Next 2 U" / SNAKES ON CRACK

This dude Pozy One is really on one. Dude shaved his head, then posted a 9-minute music video for a song from 2013, a 15-minute "behind the scenes" video called SNAKES ON CRACK (episode 1), a 50-minute rant, a beat tape by Alan Wattage called 日本のディスコ and god knows what else. Regardless of how you feel about his music, nobody can deny that Pozy is a true character.

Public Enemy - Bring The Noise 2000 (Unreleased CD)

Here we have "A[N] INDUSTRIAL MEGAMIX OF PUBLIC ENEMY HITS, INSTRUMENTALS, BASS DUBS, JAMZ, B SIDES & UNRELEASED JOINTS," courtesy of ShutEmDown.com, one of the rare fan sites that's as enduring as it is endearing. Supposedly, PE's initial attempts to make this mix available online in 2000 were blocked by PolyGram. They must have given up since, as it's now easily accessed. After you stream the amazing posse cut "There Were More Hype Believers Than Ever In 97" below and download the 27-track Bring The Noise 2000 mix here, we highly recommend you head over to ShutEmDown.com and check out the myriad other PE rarities that site hosts, many more of which will hopefully find their way over here in future posts.


Raekwon & Ghostface Killah OB4CL20 Pre-Sale

Raekwon and Ghostface Killah will be at The Paramount on New York Avenue in Huntington, Wednesday, July 22.

Show at 8. Doors at 7.

Presale begins at 10 AM today, goes until 10 PM Thursday. Tickets go on sale to the general public Friday, June 12.

To purchase pre-sale tickets, go here and enter password PULSE.

"Check it out y'all. It's the science. Fly wonderful Tony Starks and Lex Diamonds."


East Garden City: Uniondale In Denial

Turf wars over land formerly known as Hempstead Plains. Crooked real estate developers "Push sevens out in Meadow Brook."

Read the Long Island Press' not-so-objectively titled piece, "Uniondale's Battle to Wipe 'East Garden City' Off The Map."

Chinx Drugs - "2001 Currency" (Produced by BP)

 This verse was recorded at Real Time Studios in Freeport in 2001, some eight years before Chinx started rolling with French Montana.

Slum Village - "Right Back" ft. De La Soul

Says Kelvin Mercer, "Sop sound reversed is Posdnuos/ Known for all my lyrical complexities but not for all the De La joints I produced." Ah well, this here De La Soul-featured Slum Village joint was posthumously produced by "Stakes Is High" mastermind J Dilla with assistance from living Slum Villager Young RJ.


Sim-E - "Cry" ft. Rock, Torae & Quelle Chris

A posse cut with a dirty beat change, mixed by Evil Dee and P.U.D.G.E., "Cry" is the third single off Sim-E's 2014 album Sim City, released by Manafest Vision Media. According to the YouTube description, the video's "a precursor to 1 of Sim-E's new upcoming projects, The Cry EP." Hopefully, another one of those upcoming projects is the Strong Island Monstas project featuring Sim and Ryu Black.

Birthday Cake - Blue Summers "1"

"1" is the first installment in a collaborative "audio experience" called Blue Summers that's being launched by Dinner Land creatives Bluelz Santana and Shakezilla, who together go by Birthday Cake. From the interview they gave Three O's Radio, it sounds like Blue Summers is an ongoing open-source project that invites other producers and artists to freely add on to, mix or manipulate each track however they see fit. Look forward to seeing what comes of this...

Hyenas In The Desert - Can You Feel It CDS

The Can You Feel It CDS is one of those rare singles that includes so many unique recordings it might as well be called an EP. Hyenas In The Desert were of course the Long Island horrorcore rap group signed to Chuck D's Slam Jamz label. After the group, which consisted of Lakeview MC Kendo and Freeport producer Gary G-Wiz, disbanded, Kendo went on to release a solo album as Kendo The Almost Famous (also on Slam Jamz). A full decade before that, though, the Hyenas dropped this, their third and final release. Notably, the CD version includes a Chuck D-voiced interlude and two radio appearances that aren't on the VLS. Stream "Hyenas Live From New York With Funkmaster Flex" below and download the Can You Feel It CDS here.