Hyenas In The Desert - Can You Feel It CDS

The Can You Feel It CDS is one of those rare singles that includes so many unique recordings it might as well be called an EP. Hyenas In The Desert were of course the Long Island horrorcore rap group signed to Chuck D's Slam Jamz label. After the group, which consisted of Lakeview MC Kendo and Freeport producer Gary G-Wiz, disbanded, Kendo went on to release a solo album as Kendo The Almost Famous (also on Slam Jamz). A full decade before that, though, the Hyenas dropped this, their third and final release. Notably, the CD version includes a Chuck D-voiced interlude and two radio appearances that aren't on the VLS. Stream "Hyenas Live From New York With Funkmaster Flex" below and download the Can You Feel It CDS here.

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