Horror City featuring Resident Alien + Superstar - Aah's & Oohh's / Wine Fi Kill / Moogler / Freestyle Fiend

This is another one of those "singles" that would probably be considered an EP by today's standards, as it contains four unique songs, none of which are remixes, instrumentals or acapellas. Whatever you want to call it, this release features reggae-flavored rhymes by Horror City's Superstar and Resident Alien's Double Brain, Dragon and Mister Bug, as well as production by Double Brain, De La Soul DJ Maseo, and someone named Punchie P (possibly a Prince Paul alias).

Listen to "Aah's & Oohh's" below, download all four songs here, and check out this post by OG Long Island hip-hop historian Jesse Serwer for more info on the Resident Alien crew.


horror city records.com said...

Super star keeps horror city rocking with different producers and MCs Amityville aka Horror City youtube channel more classics Horror City first release is clap your hands 1986 feat superstar and mike t horror city also appears on prince Paul's prince among theives and politics of the business

$bin♦ said...

Thanks! More HC posts to come, no doubt.

horror city records.com said...

If you need.me to send some music let me know i have a 40 year archive peace

$bin♦ said...

Thanks! I'd love to post some unreleased stuff. Email longislandrapblog@gmail.com when u get a chance.

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