Cali Blaze - Deep Cover

In making his case for Deep Cover, Cali Blaze typed the following: "i got shyt for da streets I got shyt for da whip I got shyt for u to pump u up in da gym i got shyt for da clubs to turn up n throw bands to i try to keep it as 100 on my tape as I do for myself everyday i talk about da hustle gettin money but yu never see me talkin bout no lambos n fake shyt i dont got its real out chea so if yu hear da whole tape youll hear my kinda sound n wanna ride da wave !" You will also hear his wavy auto-tune vocals and some smoothly sinister beats by MalTar Music, a production group based out of Babylon. Cali Blaze reps Hempstead, though he and his team UCA (Unstoppable Cash Addicts) went to West Hempstead High.

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