Remy Represent - "Death Prone"

Inwood's Remy Represent can tell you more about this beautiful, two-sided song than we can, so here's some of what he had to say:

"I aim to make the midnight soundtrack for people [who/to] stay up and think all night. Dark, bold conceptual music that both sonically and lyrically represents the flawed human perspectives of various people's minds, explores and analyzes the human psyche and sheds light and focuses on mental disorders such as anxiety, depression, addiction, and self harm which can affect millions of people and their loved ones. "Death Prone" was produced by my main producer René Derobe and is my first official release and it was inspired by my own struggles with health anxiety/panic attacks and how I was really feeling at time like I wanted to hear a rap song that represented what was going through my mind, feeling helpless and prone to death."

If you can identify with any of those sentiments, then you'll surely find something relatable in this song. If not, watch the video anyway and stop being such a hard-ass. Directed by Tauno Ostra, the visual accompaniment to "Death Prone" pretty much obliterates the line between music video and short film. (And for our purposes, it puts an excellent exclamation point on a month already filled with artful and imaginative videos.)

Also visit Remy's Soundcloud page, where you can download the song, and RemyRepresent.com, where you'll find a full gallery of artwork dedicated to it.

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