MeccaGodZilla - "Jagi No Ichi"

MeccaGodzilla's in the middle of a "new music producer series that takes a look at 80s pop culture, 80s cable TV culture and remixes it all with current/past Hip-Hop sound design." Read more about Click Clack: The Jerrold Experiment on his website, and stream the latest entry above.

Oheka Castle Shooting Surveillance Video

"I'm tryin to pop a hole in your Yankee cap / absorb me."


Bone Thugs-N-Harmony in Patchogue Tonight

Bizzy Bone, Wish Bone, Layzie Bone, Krayzie Bone and Flesh-n-Bone will be at The Emporium in Patchogue for a performance celebrating the 20th anniversary of "Tha Crossroads."

"Damn man, I miss my Uncle Charles yall!"

Doors will open at 8PM, the show will begin at 9PM, tickets will cost $30 at the door ($20 in advance via Ticketfly), dress codes will be strictly enforced, fast-raps will be delivered ... fast.

"See you at the..."


Big Breakfast - "Sambuca / 7-Train"

The 2nd leak off Ringtones, coming in April 2016.

MF Doom - Checkmate ft. Earthquake

"Checkmate" is an unreleased MF Doom track from 1994 that found its way online in 2012 thanks to the Dirty Waters blog. As you can see, the song also features an MC by the name of Earthquake (also formatted as Earth Quake sometimes). Not much is known about Earthquake except that he also appears on the classic KMD song "Stop Smokin' That Shit" off Black Bastards, and that he's from Freeport, or at least that's what Doom told author Brian Coleman during an interview for his book, Check the Technique Volume 2: More Liner Notes for Hip-Hop Junkies. Regardless, the song depicts Daniel Dumile at an interesting phase of his career, before he'd made the transition from Zev Luv X to Doom (hear how he refers to himself several times here) but after Subroc's death and the final Black Bastards recordings. In that regard, it's one of a kind.
If anyone out there has any additional info on Earthquake, please let us know in the comments.

First Serve - The Goon Time Mixtape

First Serve was a project by French producers Chokolate and Khalid and De La Soul's Pos and Dave, which cast the two veteran MCs as young rappers recording their way to stardom from out of their parents' basements. A real experiment in world building, the project produced not just a concept album but several tumblr pages full of cool shit and this fantastic mixtape, which you can stream above and download here.


Kenny Orlando - "Ghettopocalypse" / "Submission"

Two new videos from Kenny Orlando: the first was produced by PittThaKid, features Kenny's comrade Numeral, and comes from the 11:26 mixtape, which dropped back in September 2015 on Divine Nine Records; the second was produced by Mbj and comes from the Submission EP, which dropped in November via Audio Assembly Productions. Crazy range on display here.

Poetic & Rhyme Va-Lor - "Plain 2 Plane (Sharp Shooters)"

Taken from the VerseAtility II: In Stereo compilation released by HorrorCity.biz and Frequency2 Magazine in 2007, "Plain 2 Plane (Sharp Shooters)" is a lesser known song from the catalog of the late Anthony Berkeley a.k.a. Poetic. Here, Poetic rhymes back-to-back with Amityville's Rhyme Va-Lor, in effect (re)uniting Gravediggaz and Horror City, two of the seminal horrorcore projects of the 1990s. The song title, however, seems to reference another collective, known as the Sharpshooters Regime, which was fronted by Poetic and included his brothers Brainstorm and E-Sharp, as well as Rhyme Va-Lor and Shabazz the Disciple among others. Supposedly the Regime put together an album, but it hasn't been released. For now, the closest you'll get is this song and the compilation from which its taken, which also features Horror City member Lenni 2 Tymes and Freeport MC Truth Enola (best known for his work with De La Soul). Stream the compilation above via YouTube and download it for $9.99 from CD Baby or iTunes.


Bumpy Knuckles - "EmOsHuNaL GrEeD" ft. Sy Ari (prod. by DJ Premier)

Who says Freddie Foxxx doesn't have a sensitive side? Here's what the North Babylonian had to say about the message behind his latest collaboration with DJ Premier: "No one should use their child to hurt the other parent. For those that have made their children a part of the system because they wanted to hurt the other parent, this song is for you."