Poetic & Rhyme Va-Lor - "Plain 2 Plane (Sharp Shooters)"

Taken from the VerseAtility II: In Stereo compilation released by HorrorCity.biz and Frequency2 Magazine in 2007, "Plain 2 Plane (Sharp Shooters)" is a lesser known song from the catalog of the late Anthony Berkeley a.k.a. Poetic. Here, Poetic rhymes back-to-back with Amityville's Rhyme Va-Lor, in effect (re)uniting Gravediggaz and Horror City, two of the seminal horrorcore projects of the 1990s. The song title, however, seems to reference another collective, known as the Sharpshooters Regime, which was fronted by Poetic and included his brothers Brainstorm and E-Sharp, as well as Rhyme Va-Lor and Shabazz the Disciple among others. Supposedly the Regime put together an album, but it hasn't been released. For now, the closest you'll get is this song and the compilation from which its taken, which also features Horror City member Lenni 2 Tymes and Freeport MC Truth Enola (best known for his work with De La Soul). Stream the compilation above via YouTube and download it for $9.99 from CD Baby or iTunes.

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