Elucid - "Colonizer's Corpse" (Laptop Demo Series)

Update from Elucid on sojourn in South Africa: "I'm in Madiba's prison cell having a panic attack / Don't look me in the eye right now."


Sky Walker - Lyrical Assassin

That end-of-the-month murder, word.

Skizz - "Bosses" ft. Roc Marciano & Conway

Off Cruise Control, for the times when you listened to Strength and Honor and felt like you were playing a video game.

                                                                                            ...Revenge is in the air, though.


Just B. Polo - "Working For It" / "The Over Under"

Just B. Polo submitted these tracks for consideration, which honestly had me feeling kind of taken aback. I mean, the kid's got two high-end, picture-perfect videos, mad songs on iTunes, a super-clean website, a fucking verified Facebook account, and a showcase in Amityville coming up August 5. We should be going to him for career advice, right? Yo Just, I posted the tracks. Uhhh, can I borrow a dollar?


John Coltrane Jazz Festival - July 23

It looks like there's only one hip-hop act on the bill (peace to The Constituents) for this all-day festival taking place at Huntington's Heckscher Park, but regardless, this is an event that's not to be missed.

Festival hours: 11:30 a.m. - 10:30 p.m.

Admission is free, though a $10 donation is suggested to help restore the Coltrane home in Dix Hills (where he wrote A Love Supreme in case you didn't know).

Tentative event schedule here.

Workshop registration here.

Roy Haynes headlines.


Megalon & MeccaGodZilla - "The Track Killa"

New murder by the two former Monsta Island Czars, also available on iTunes and Google Play.

DJ Prince - South African House Mix

Back on the subject of South African trips, you should listen to this before it gets taken down.

Rah.94 - "Melancholy High"

New Rah.94 f.k.a. Kid Rah. "Sticks and stones no bones broke / Niggas crack smiles when you're broke / Politicians be cutthroat / Assassinating while you're waiting on their reparations / The cast of Satan in that 'ministration contemplating reevaluation of the masses waiting / New viruses for contaminate-exterminating freedom and enslavement is a working statement / Man, I'm bored / Living in a world I need money to explore."


Elucid - "Dutch Wax"

Elucid and his girl took a trip to Africa. Or as he said, "I'm six hours ahead of my old self. I've got two winters, no summer and a bad bitch."


Kaotik Ellement - "SACRED GROVE" (Freestyle) ft. Sky Walker

New organics from that tree hugger Kaotik Ellement, whom you ought to have heard on LongIslandRap.Comp V2. Background commentary by his fellow Freeporter Sky Walker.


Clarity - One Heroic Dose

Co-founder of Conceptual Elements and New Muse Productions, Clarity is the Long Island hip-hop Aldous Huxley, opening doors of perception in the house of genre clash, a kaleidoscopic Kool-Aid Man crashing through the walls between rap and spoken word poetry, with One Heroic Dose.

This album was recorded live at East Setauket's Velvet Lounge in 2014. Another was recorded there June 11 (when Clarity opened for Kool Keith!!!) and should be coming soon.

Tafari - "Offtop" (Flava in Ya Ear Freestyle)

Tha Connection - "Windz"