Grandmilly, Sage Infinite, SHOZAE & QS - Black Market

Black Market opens for business via Mishka. Read their interview here, download below.


Tafari - F R E E

Elmont MC Tafari fully embraces the art and essence of the mixtape with his debut, F R E E. It's not just that he decided to rap over instrumentals by Madlib, Kxnwledge, All These Fingers, Samiyam, and other champions of lo-fi sample-based hip-hop, or that he made each beat his own with his commanding mic presence, versatile delivery and sheer songwriting ability; it's how he thoughtfully sequenced the project's different sounds and vibes. Compiling a great mixtape requires an excellent sense of timing and an understanding of one's audience, two qualities on display throughout F R E E. If you enjoy the music of any of the aforementioned producers, then Tafari's hazy, contemplative compositions were made especially for you, and if you download F R E E from Bandcamp, you'll get 4 bonus tracks not available for streaming.

Reek Va Villian - "Strong Island King"

Taking the J. Cole diss out of of the picture, Reek Da Villian is making a very bold claim with this track, produced by The G.I.A.N.T.S. "Don't make me come to Garden City, pussy."


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Stream 31 Grand Daddy I.U. Songs

The songs on this playlist, uploaded to Grand Daddy I.U.'s Reverb Nation page and embedded on granddaddyiu.com, span most of his catalog, from the Smooth Assassin days at Cold Chillin' to 2012's independently released Shots Fired album, with a few freestyles peppered in along the way. Enjoy!

X-Ray Da Mindbenda Talks M.I.C., DOOM, Heavy Crates

In this video, X-Ray da Mindbenda a.k.a. King Cesar discusses the formation of the Monsta Island Czars, as well as his more contemporary work with Heavy Crates Records and some of his career highlights, including engineering Operation Doomsday and contributing to the Soul in the Hole OST. Though no longer availalbe from the label itself, several of the releases mentioned here can still be purchased via X-Ray's Bandcamp page.