Tafari - F R E E

Elmont MC Tafari fully embraces the art and essence of the mixtape with his debut, F R E E. It's not just that he decided to rap over instrumentals by Madlib, Kxnwledge, All These Fingers, Samiyam, and other champions of lo-fi sample-based hip-hop, or that he made each beat his own with his commanding mic presence, versatile delivery and sheer songwriting ability; it's how he thoughtfully sequenced the project's different sounds and vibes. Compiling a great mixtape requires an excellent sense of timing and an understanding of one's audience, two qualities on display throughout F R E E. If you enjoy the music of any of the aforementioned producers, then Tafari's hazy, contemplative compositions were made especially for you, and if you download F R E E from Bandcamp, you'll get 4 bonus tracks not available for streaming.

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