RAVAGE the MeccaGodZilla Blacking Out for Over 3 Minutes on a 2007 Chong Wizard Posse Cut

Chong Wizard is today an indie rap household name for his masterfully curated label, which issues all types of ill music I can ill afford, but that's OK because much of it sells out before I have a chance to succumb to temptation. Anyway, he's been DJing and producing much longer and recently Bandcamp-messaged out a sci-fi-themed mixtape he did in collaboration with X-Clan's Brother J in 2007, which is every bit the fire it sounds like it'd be. 

There's a ton to love about They Robot III: Robots of Dawn and you should definitely check it out, but for our purposes today, what I really want to draw your attention to is track 3, "Robots of Dawn Theme," a 10-minute posse cut featuring (in order of appearance, I think) Rack Lo, Azeem, Lil' Sci aka John Robinson, AKIR, Bashir, Phoenix Jones and R(estore) A(rtistic) V(ision) A(nd) G(rowth) E(verywhere) aka RAVAGE aka Ryu Black aka ADUM⁷ then aka MeccaGodZilla of the Monsta Island Czars, who appear elsewhere on the project. 

See how I dedicated about 1/3 of that paragraph simply to RAVAGE's attribution? That's about how long his appearance on this posse cut is in relation to the full song. That he was allotted 3-plus minutes, virtually an entire song unto itself, on an already well stacked track, whereas everyone else more or less contributes a verse or two, speaks to how completely he annihilates the whole affair. Even crazier, it sounds like they probably cut off some of his starting rhymes! 

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