Dunbar x BP - Notorious Unbreakable

Why I don't write like they (critics) write. What when they say someone sounds like somebody and somebody else, but that somebody sounds like somebody else and that someone sounds more like this somebody else but not so much the other one? What then? Where you from? 

Michael Jackson's "Unbreakable" features a posthumously released Notorious B.I.G. verse that probably previously appeared on some mixtape some bork from Romania could tell you much more about than I could, and good for them (the bork).

J. Dilla did a song called "Time: The Donut Hole of the Heart," which, twice played as slowly as possible on a standard turntable, happens to line up pretty much perfectly with the final scene of Before Midnight, Richard Linklater's 2014 threequel to Before Sunrise and Before Sunset. 

Amity Villains whet expectations for this one. Notorious Unbreakable met those and then some.

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