Green Enk Society Presents
GEDA - It's Always Sunny in New Amsterdam (Premiere)

Pour out some riot punch because Long Island Rap Blog is proud to bring you the latest release from Bay Shore's Green Enk Society, It's Always Sunny in New Amsterdam by GEDA the Genius. A five-song EP about life in these New York streets, it features DJ Amazin (former DJ of the late Chinx), as well as Dos Cold, Grand Wizzard MC and Munch Pilot. But with lines like "These cops ain't nicer than me / I live my life in these streets, they just work 9-5 in these streets" and "My president is black whenever it's convenient / Fam got my back as long as I never need shit," GEDA clearly has the bars to hold down top billing. To hear more from GEDA and the Green team, check them out at greenenkgallery.wordpress.com.

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