+RADICAL$+ E$$ENTIAL$ 2013-2016

This post is long overdue, but with a literal fascist about to take over the country's highest office, I can think of no better time for something +RADICAL+. Here then are some highlights from the young squad's catalog, including some recent and some not-so-recent releases by Amityville's Oscar O'Malley, Mob9 reps Kasper Dangers and DrownMili, and (SUNY) Farmingdale's Black Teenager (originally from Brownsville). These are just a few of the tracks I've been playing on repeat tonight, but there are many more members of this collective, so if you dig what you hear below, dig deeper.

Kasper Dangers - It's Raining Outside (2016) 

Black Teenager - "Born to Die:World is a Fuck" (2016)  
Oscar O'Malley - Orange Starburst Baboon An Da First Offense Vol. 1 (2013)  
DrownMili - "Gold Noose Babe" (2015)

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