Roc Marciano - "Ball of Yarn" (prod. by Gensu Dean)

Right about now, cats who remember the lead up to Reloaded are catching a bit of deja vu from this wave of murderous cameos and non-album solo cuts building to the impending retribution of Rosebudd's Revenge.

To the list that includes the Ras Beats' "No Pressure," DJ Skizz's "Bosses," Alchemist's "All For It," Blue Sky Black Death's "Valley of Kings," DJ Rude One's "Murder Paragraphs" and "Triple Black Benz," and god knows what else, we can now add Gensu Dean's "Ball Of Yarn," from the producer's forthcoming RAW album.

Speaking of albums, social media has been abuzz with talk of Rosebudd's Revenge dropping any day now, and Roc even commented that the chances of a Metal Clergy album are "Very good," as you can see here. Praise him.

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