The Militant Messenger - "How It All Began"

"How It All Began," by The Militant Messenger, is, at least as far as Discogs can tell, the only project ever released by that artist or by Megadope Records. Containing five songs spread across six tracks (with one remix, one instrumental), it survives today via a lone YouTube stream (below) and the occasional online sale in which the wax fetches anywhere from $20-$90 (currently, it's only available from two overseas retailers that are asking for $57 and $75, plus shipping).

Perhaps one of the draws is the fact that this single is among the earliest productions from Ray "GM Web D" Davis, aka X-Ray Da Mindbenda who's achieved acclaim in the U.S., U.K. and abroad as a producer for DOOM, Monsta Island Czars and Darc Mind, as well as for his solo work, rapping under the name King Cesar. Below, a message worth listening to from him, B. McMoore and T. Campbell.

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Anonymous said...

Hay everyone it's x-ray and i just wanna say this song was done after i did the sugar bear record and serious lee fine song. I was thinking about going indie way back than so i started working with megadope records and this was the first project.I been working with indies since 1987 with Nicky g and hobo records. And I'm indie as fuck now with Mindbenda Recordings LLC.

Prime Time said...

Yo, Militant Messenger is one of Li's best Mc's of our time... Much respect Bobby... Big up to Web D too!

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