Punk Barbarians - "Hooptie Car" Original '95 Version

If you checked out LongIslandRap.Comp V1 some time over the past few weeks, then you heard the Punk Barbarians' 1996 single "Hooptie Car" on there. If you downloaded the Hooptie Car CDS back in June then you've heard the instrumental and radio mixes as well.

What you haven't heard (not here at least) is the original version, released one year earlier on the obscure promo CD Wreck League Wreckords Soundtrack 1995, which was put out by Chuck D's short-lived label of the same name. Unfortunately this compilation is nowhere to be found on the net (as far as we can tell) and a hard copy will run you at least $50 if by some chance you find one.

The good news is that some of the songs from the comp are floating around online, one of them being the "Hooptie Car" original mix, featuring a totally different beat, as well as several alternate verses and background vocals that don't appear on the original in any shape or form. It's a rare treat, one that probably hasn't aged as well as the commercial release unless you're a big New Jack Swing fan, but worth checking out nonetheless. Stream and download it below, and head over to YouTube user dougpark17's channel to hear a few other cuts from this rare release.

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