Julian Morgan - This Is The Remix

Julian Morgan of Medford is a pianist and a singer. You won't hear him rapping on this, his new tape.

You will, however, hear him singing over the beats (or interpolations of the beats) for "Nice for What," "Many Men," "One More Chance" and "No Freezer" among others. You'll also hear a DJ Kayslay co-sign, as he hosted the tape.

RIYL: Usher, Trey Songz, Jeremih, etc.


SmooVth & Giallo Point - Medellin II

SmooVth reunites with frequent collaborator Giallo Point, who produced not only 2017's Medellin but also 2014's Portrait of a Pimp. Other Long Islanders turning in guest spots include Rome Streetz, Roc Marciano, and of course Hus Kingpin. Cassettes have sold out on Bandcamp but are still available via Fxck Rxp Rxcrds.


Craig Mack - That's My Word EP

"I got my album getting ready to come out this summer, called That's My Word, you know what I mean? Because that's what it is." That was Craig Mack talking to BBC Radio 1's Tim Westwood in June of 2000. The album never dropped, but Mack did drop a number of singles that year as well as a fantastic freestyle that night. In memory of the late Craig Mack, British DJ Tape Deck King compiled those cuts into an EP that imagines what Mack's lost album might have sounded like had it materialized during his lifetime. The freestlye and other segments from that Westwood interview are thrown in for context. Stream below and as a bonus check out the 1995 concert to which Westwood refers at the start of their convo.

Sir Diggy - Bohemian Grove Freestyle

 "a king's moves is limited suggest ya protect ya queens/ my girl's rock is glimmering you should see how that face gleam/ admit my heart sink when she swim in the ocean' it's cool though copped the insurance so now my mind's floating"

If you're diggying this, check Sir Diggy's Gold Frame Portraits, featuring cameos from Outdoorsman/Roc-signee AG Da Coroner and Boot Camp Klique's Rustee Juxx.


Siggy & NooB Got Beats for Ninjas & Pandas

Available here.

Hazestacks - Have A Nice Day

"When I was 10 I didn't have mad friends
But I had a little thing called the interweb
I played Neopets and dress-up games
I just didn't want to play outside those days
Why bother if I was better than the rest
No one ever stepped to me, I'll purple-nurple on your chest
You ain't ever. touched. me. again.
Find out where you live and egg your mom's every now and then"

Also booze, snacks and Britney Spears samples...


Adventureland Release Party & Pop-Up Shop

The Stones Throw debut from Grandmilly & Shozae is out August 24, but you can get it a day early  by heading into NYC for the 8/23 pop-up, or connect with the artists at their album release party in West Hempstead this Saturday. Also, don't miss their feature on Tiny Mix Tapes.


Knxledge & Roc Marciano - dntaskmefrshit


WhoIsAriel - "No Pulse"

WhoIsAriel sent over his Zoose project from 2017 this January, but I slept. Don't be like me. Do the knowledge on this Elmont MC/producer and his crew, The RevILLution, starting with this self-produced single from a few months ago, also available for purchase.