ShoZae - Coffy

Shozae and Grandmilly's long-anticipated Adventureland album drops later this summer on Stones Throw. Look for that, as well as an interview with the duo, coming soon. In the meantime, here's something in the way of a funky followup to Sho's Beneath the Mantle Volume 1.


Oxygen & Paul Nice - Body Language


Rome Streetz - Noise Kandy

This EP starts with a hard beat.

Then the first two lines are: "Fuck a nine-to-five, to survive, dunny, we moving yay / Rolling money folded like my name Daniel Dumile."

Then you freak the fuck out, punch a hole through the wall, grab your neighbor by the throat (through the wall), and choke the chump to sleep.

Then you listen to the rest of the EP.

Akari - Dreamgarden

Is Akari the Barry White of hip-hop?

OR ... is Barry White the Akari of soul?

That's The N$64,000 Question.

Don't be a Lazyboy.

Download this one.


Superstar - "Current Affairs"

Horror City's Superstar's unorthodox style somtimes carries all the way over to his actual method of putting out new material. Case in point: he dropped this video by posting it to Facebook and a link to it in the comments section of a post on this website. I had to reactivate my Facebook account just to get the embed code. At any rate, a new album's coming from him this summer, so look out for that.


Midnite Society - "MidniteIzm"

Dunny Cold Facts, Sho da Flo Man, and Petey Max warn, "Don't walk in the park after dark," from what appear to be a basement apartment and the World's Fair Playground in Flushing Meadows. You might remember an earlier, rougher mix of this track from LongIslandRap.Comp Volume 2. In today's edition: an emphasis on the Izm.


Fumei - Stardust Series EP

A question I sometimes hear in submissions: "Do you post beat tapes / instrumental hip-hop?" The answer: "Yes, motherfucker, dig." Actually, I'm much more polite. Sometimes, in fact, I'm the one asking the producers for submissions, on some, "Hey, hi there, I like your beats and want to post your music. By the way, where on Long Island are you from? I want to tag your post correctly on my blog." Fumei's from Hicksville, the same stomping grounds of Swad Beats, another dope LI producer who's been featured here and who Fumei calls "a gooooood friend" of his. This EP he calls, "A nebulous smear of mp3 files capturing the emotion of a person spending time in the unknown."


Billypalmtrees - Delorean

Billypalmtrees, of Elmont, who you might recognize from the Kenneth Callier-directed "Nickey Barnes" video, just dropped an EP of amazing, weekend-ready, get-right raps, five of which feature Roosevelt's Quis Christ.

Trees' pipes take center stage on "Orlando," but each of the other eight songs on here are forward-bar oriented. Which, of course, isn't to say they lack for mood and melody. Feels abound.

Big shouts to Mike Martinez and Tiffany Fugit, who/wherever they are, for the riff that gives "Layers Of Skin" its musculoskeletal foundation.

 Get in the car.


Josh Alias - "Horror Story" ft. Tedy Andreas

Urbvn Architects are killing shit right now.

Josh Alias said, "Forgive me for exploring options, mind's in the clouds / Tryna' soar avoiding foreign objects, flowing from the Jordan River / To a project faucet cannot forfeit can't force this / Who you think led the Israelites across it?"

That's in his new song, "Horror Story," featuring Houston's Tedy Andreas.

Alias's debut project, Growing Pains, will be out shortly. If you like this blog, I suspect you will enjoy it thoroughly.