Remembering Craig Mack fka MC EZ

The January 29, 1995 New York Times includes an article by Anita M. Samuels titled "Icon of Rap World at Home on the South Shore." Long Island landmarks name dropped in the piece include: Westwood Drive in Brentwood, where that icon lived at the time; Main Street in Bay Shore, where he played billiards at a pool room; Islip Speedway on Route III, where he'd developed a passion for race-car driving; and the woods by Spur Drive North.

It's a failure of this website to have never posted anything about Craig Mack until now. So too was it a failure for me to sell my Project Funk Da World vinyl at a garage sale last summer, though this the lesser mistake, as it accomplished what the site's silence did not. Below, far too belatedly, enjoy some music by Brentwood's own Craig Mack fka MC EZ, along with a documentary by the ever esteemable TRB2HH.


5 Favorite Lines from RR2

5. "Wrap the brick up like it's Mumm-ra"
4. "Prior to my first release they said the East was done"
3. "How can I be demonized speaking on the shit I seen with these eyes"
2. "White bitch said I reminded her of Ralph Macchio (bitch buggin son, I look nothing like that nigga, bitch I look like GOD)"
1. "The rest of the meat ended up in Schenectady."

Pay tithes.


WXRTHY - "Thinking About You" (prod. by BMC Beats)

WXRTHY is a singer/rapper/producer from Hempstead by way of Bellmore. "My goal," he tells us, "is to continue to create art for the people of the Island, while building relationships with like minded folks." This song's from WXRTHY's Sakura EP, out now on iTunes and Soundcloud.

Dunbar - "'96 Bulls" (+ C&S Version)

Dunbar is an Amityville duo consisting of Sure Shot and Bunchy Cartier. Their "96 Bulls" anthem has been out since February 2016, making this post so late its author is operating at screw speed. Catch up via No Hook 2.

Jimmy Jump - "Wild Thoughts" / "Act Like You"

"Right now there's a youngin from Uniondale that got the golden touch in the booth," Lisaan'dro told me. "His name is Jimmy Jump. Look out for him. He’s only 21 and has the potential to be an extra blown-up superstar. All he got to do is stay focused, keep out of trouble, and the world could be his. He’s the young homie from around the way. I’m going to send you some of his music." Said music streams above.


Mr. Odd Nerd - Origins

If there's an origin story for Mr. Odd Nerd to be found on his Origins EP, perhaps it'd be in "Death is the Birth," when he says, "My inception was a demented mad scientific invention/ Time machine engine turned my ape skin to remnants/ Half-snake placentile giant and intelligent/ The speed of life and fourth dimension left me with the reptiles/ Prehistoric killing hordes of organisms/ Lord of rhythm lifting scorching awnings petting ancient kittens/ I mean felines, get your fucking spine realigned/ Waiting for the day to blow up the lab that ruined my life." In addition, Mr. Odd Nerd is a visual artist and rapper from Bellmore. You can see more of his work here and get some handmade art along with the EP here.


Clarity & Buddy Holly Flight Simulator - Hot Wire Heart

If you've ever grown tired of programmed beat patterns and their live-drummed alternatives and wondered what it might sound like for an MC to rhyme over instrumentals that aren't necessarily immediately identifiable as belonging to one genre or another, well, there are actually plenty of examples of that out there, but, without knocking any of those, this one sounds like it wasn't forced into existence as much as it was called up out of it. There's syncopation and groove and reverence for psychedelics, yes, but not necessarily an indebtedness to that milieu, or any other, for one gets the sense that any bill of service rendered, psychological or otherwise, has now been settled in full. By all means, name your price though.


Look for the new EP by URBVN ARCHITECTS NYC dropping later this week.