SmooVth and Rozewood Freestyle on WNYU Halftime Radio Show

Jazz and SmooVth at WNYU Radio Studio
Last night I happened onto Facebook only to learn my FB friend Sean SmooVth (better known simply as SmooVth, one half of Tha Connection) was about to appear on the WNYU Halftime Radio Show, so I tracked down the live audio stream, opened up Audacity and hit record ... something like we used to do with stereos and cassette tapes back in the day. Anyway, I got everything together just in time to record SmooVth drop a few verses live on the air. I was all ready to press stop and go to bed, but then Hus Kingpin and Rozewood called in from Cali, and DJ Eclipse convinced Roze to kick a freestyle (like a real one ... off the head) a cappella. As if that wasn't enough, Mike Raw of The UN called in too, at which point he and Jazz (Roc Marciano's manager, the guy with the sick beard pictured to the left) alluded to a new UN project coming soon. Mike Raw also said he'll be dropping a solo mixtape, featuring previously unreleased UN tracks, on Digi Crates very soon. So that happened.

For your listening pleasure, I've included the SmooVth and Rozewood performances below, followed by the full interview, in which you can hear all of the aforementioned for yourself and get some more information on upcoming releases from SmooVth and the rest of the clique.

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