Too Poetic - Droppin' Signal EP

Talk about a long time coming -- the six songs on this EP, finally issued on vinyl in December 2015 by Chopped Herring Records, were originally part of an album that was submitted to Tommy Boy Records in 1989 but subsequently shelved and lost until Too Poetic DJ Freddie "Kaos" Cox aka Capital K shared it online in an interview with Jesse Serwer in 2010 (highly recommended reading material). Sometime after that, the album was removed from Jesse's site at the request of the estate of Anthony "Poetic" Berkeley. This brings us to another point about which there is some degree of confusion; though Berkeley (later known as Grym Reaper, co-founder of the Gravediggaz) is sometimes referred to as Too Poetic, this is actually incorrect. His name was Poetic, and his group, Too Poetic, consisted of himself and two DJs: Capital K and Woody Wood. Anyway, do yourself a favor and read the interview  above, then preview the songs below and purchase this EP edition of 350 before I snatch up the last copy. 

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