Smitty D & Rock Squad - Facts of Life / Kic Kic

Rock Squad aka Smitty D & Rock Squad released all of two singles before fading to obscurity. Today they're best know as the group Parish Smith aka PMD (fka DJ Eazzy P) was in before EPMD, the one led by his brother Smitty D. While that's always going to be the central talking point around these records, it's also worth noting how different they sound from one another despite being released only one year apart from each other. To hear it from Rock Squad, Hip-Hop evolved awful fast between 1985 and 1986. While "Facts of Life" is pure '80s electro dance rap, "Kic Kic" looks ahead to the stripped down boom-bap of the man who "mixed" this record, Marley Marl. Hearing them back to back is a study in rap's changing of the guard.

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Anonymous said...

im the og on this joint name (powerful) this side of the record got played on the mr magic show on wbls 107.5fm in 1986 for 2months straight every weekend in the summer, aka stacey murphy do your history pmd was part of the group n left his brother shmitty. and me n my brother (eazy cee) chip murphy ask anyone from regious park ny
holla black ask epmd they know about the murphy brothers

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