Magnetic the Shaman & Brainorchestra - "Hand Over Fist" ft. DøøF, Lungs​/​/​LoneSword & phiik

Brain fog bullet point dispensation:
• Magnetic the Shaman is why Philly remains my second favorite city
• His 2023 album with Brainorchestra, Can't Wait for Patience = 🔥🚒🔥
• That's a firetruck on fire
• DøøF reps Virginia but I heard from around the way he used to stay in Merrick
• Me when Lungs says "Hakuna ... Matata": 💀
• For my money this is the best Phiik has ever sounded
• Seven "Days of Madness" until Planet X
• Me with "Hakuna ... Matata" stuck in my head: 🦁

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