MeccaGodZilla - "Laundromat Combat" ft. Last Words and Buhrnum Wood

Back to Freeport, where former Monsta Island Czar MeccaGodZilla (aka Ryu Black) recruited a couple fire-breathing locals to lay the only verses on his otherwise-instrumental album, Erroars 2.2: Metal Sakura, which emerged via Manafest Vision from Black Hole Planet 3 on April 1, 2014. The aforementioned locals go by Last Words and Burnum Wood, and though there is little info available on them right now, if "Laundromat Combat" is any indication of their skill set, we'll definitely be looking out for more. Stream the track below and download Erroars 2.2 here.


MeccaGodZilla said...

Thanks so much! I appreciate this!

mr.firstnamelast said...

Just a blessing within a blessing!!!!! So humbled and honored to work with great people, not just great talent.....and any recognition received is simply appreciated. That's love!!!!!

$bin♦ said...

All good. Thanks for checking the site and passing it on. Looking forward to more from the 'Port.

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