Rakim - The Last Platoon

For day three of Rakim Week, we turn to The Lost Tapes blog, which, in September 2014, posted a dynamite compilation of unreleased tracks recorded in the mid '90s between Eric B. & Rakim's split and the beginning of The God's solo career. In fact, it's almost an injustice to call this a compilation, because it is so cohesive and well-sequenced that it sounds like it could just as easily be a true-to-life unreleased album. As lost-tape compiler Claaa7 writes, "It works as the perfect bridge between Don't Sweat The Technique and The 18th Letter." Download The Last Platoon, listen to it exclusively and consecutively for a week, as I did, then head over to The Lost Tapes blog to give props.

1. "Bring It On" [Dominic Owens] (1995)
2. "Shades Of Black" [Easy Mo Bee] (1995)
3. "The Original Style" [Domingo] (1995)
4. "Last Resort" [Buckwild] (1995)
5. "Living For the City" [Pete Rock] (1995)
6. "New York to Cali" [Dominic Owens] (1995]
7. "We All Got Plans" [Marley Marl] (1996)
8. "Show Me Love" (Rugged) [Nick Wiz] (1996)
9. "Heat It Up" [Gary "G-Wiz"] (1993)
10. "Remember Dat" [Clark Kent] (1995)
11. "Once Upon A Rhyme" [Nick Wiz] (1995)
12. *"Bring It On" [Domingo Mix] (1995)
13. "I Get Visual" [Dominic Owens] (1995)

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