De La Soul & Nas - BBC Radio 1 Freestyle (1996)

Yesterday, De La Soul dropped a new track they did with Nas to continue building buzz for their Kickstarter-funded album, And the Anonymous Nobody. Though the song's great in its own right, it won't be included on the upcoming project. Regardless, that's where all De-La-related attention is focused right now, so it's only mildly surprising (if not further indicative of the modern music press' shortsightedness) that most hip-hop sites that posted the track yesterday failed to link to or at least mention this timeless recording of Nas, Pos and Dave sharing the mic on Tim Westwood's Radio 1 Rap Show back in 1996.
It's rare to hear multiple generation-spanning and -defining artists such as Nas and De La Soul paired naturally in any setting; rarer still to hear them trading off-the-head freestyles. So stream their first recording above, their latest below, and yes, don't forget there's still time to contribute to the And the Anonymous Nobody Kickstarter.

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