Don Cash at Oceanside's Club Heat / "Boom Bap Gods" / Qa'Seem Brennan - "Hunger Pains"

This isn't the normal format for show posts, but I've been meaning to get this new Don Cash track up anyway, so boom:

Also featured here are Rome Streetz and Dris, who represent Elmont and Hempstead, respectively, I believe. As you can tell, Don Cash continues to show love to talented locals. In fact, his Facebook page is becoming something of a Who's Who for Long Island hip-hop. That's where we found this video for "Hunger Pains" by fellow Long Beach MC Qa'Seem Brennan, who will also be performing at the show.

Be there, and look out for Don Cash's Working After Work EP coming soon, with artwork by Mike Mosley a.k.a. Mike Mozart, who also did the poster for the show and will be painting live there.

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