PMP - Raw Uncut

You can probably tell from the tags on this site alone that the early/mid-00s weren't exactly the most fertile period for Long Island hip-hop. One MC who did come into his own at this time, though he never really got his just due, was Port Knox representative Truth Enola aka Pounds Mayor. During the aughts, he released two solo albums on the label Solid Records, as well as a number of singles,

In 2006, Truth Enola teamed with DJ Cross Phada to form the duo PMP. They put out an album called Raw Uncut on Red Diamond Global, Truth's own Garden City-based enterprise which doesn't appear to have released anything else before or since. There also don't appear to have been any singles, videos or other promotional materials issued (other than the now-archived website), however, the album itself can still be downloaded for $9.99 via CD Baby and streamed via YouTube.

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