ADUM⁷ - 光: Let There Be... / ERROARS 3.3: 起死回生

The Freeport-based student of the universe formerly known as MeccaGodZilla and Ryu Black is back with a new moniker and two, yes two, new instrumental albums. Both deal with the loss of loved ones (the first, a death; the second, a breakup), so this marks a very serious turn for the artist now identified as A Dream Universally Manifested to the God Power (ADUM⁷).

Speaking on the first release, ADUM⁷ says, "This album is dedicated to my little brother Daniel "Majesty" Sanchez. From music to activism we worked together for years and he was the roughest loss I have experienced in my entire lifetime. For me when it comes to losing (people), solitude, self reflecting and continuing to create art are so important. These self reflections lead to rediscovery of love and light… and I just want to share that energy as much as possible. The world definitely needs it. Just a reminder of how simple things can be. No drama. Just bliss. It sounds sappy but… this world at times is crazy af and seeking out love vibrations is key to keeping the shine going."

If 光: Let There Be... is a blissful tribute to a fallen friend, ERROARS 3.3: 起死回生 is a painful exorcism of love lost. ADUM⁷ explains: "I remember not eating for 5 days… I literally had to force myself to eat and get sun. I started working out more and meditating but pain truly changed me. The only way I could regain my footing was to start creating. I found a week long crash course online and taught myself how to play chords on piano in order to be fully self expressed with my music production. I didn’t want to simply sample records or lean on listening to previous works find inspiration. Digging for sounds is great don’t get me wrong…but the sounds were all inside of me and I needed to create and hadouken it all 'instantly.' Jeez…speaking about this up until last fall was slightly difficult… I didn’t want to write songs because of where my head was at…instrumentals were the way to go. It was my way to share energy that didn’t violate the choices of my ex you know? Break ups are wild, regardless of why they happen…I didn’t want to go so low frequency to the point I started losing myself…so instrumentals were the better choice. I thank the universe for artists like Björk, Beck and Taku. I leaned on them heavy during this time.”

Stream below courtesy of Manafest Vision Media and show your support by downloading 光: Let There Be... and ERROARS 3.3: 起死回生 via your preferred music service.

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