Public Enemy - "Toxic" (Original Threepeeoh Mix)

Atlanta producer Threepeeoh is a good friend of Public Enemy's DJ Lord and a longtime Public Enemy fan who had collaborated on several songs with Chuck D but never on an official Public Enemy album cut, that is, until "Toxic" from 2017's Nothing Is Quick In The Desert. As it turns out, a confidant of Threepeeoh informs us that the version of "Toxic" included on the album is actually a remix, a Threepeeoh-produced remix which was preferred by Chuck D, but a remix nevertheless. The original version, streaming exclusively below, was also produced by Threepeeoh, but features a slightly different chorus and scratches, as well as a much harder beat. Follow the link above to compare this version with the album cut, and check out more Threepeeoh collabos with Chuck D and DJ Lord here. A long-winded description, I realize, but trust me, this is one of this site's best posts.

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