Mr. Odd Nerd - Origins

If there's an origin story for Mr. Odd Nerd to be found on his Origins EP, perhaps it'd be in "Death is the Birth," when he says, "My inception was a demented mad scientific invention/ Time machine engine turned my ape skin to remnants/ Half-snake placentile giant and intelligent/ The speed of life and fourth dimension left me with the reptiles/ Prehistoric killing hordes of organisms/ Lord of rhythm lifting scorching awnings petting ancient kittens/ I mean felines, get your fucking spine realigned/ Waiting for the day to blow up the lab that ruined my life." In addition, Mr. Odd Nerd is a visual artist and rapper from Bellmore. You can see more of his work here and get some handmade art along with the EP here.

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Odd Nerd has some interesting music. "They will store files of lies inside your eyelids". 10/10

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