Rakim's Soundtrack Work

Rakim's music, both as a solo artist and with Eric B., has appeared on countless film and video-game soundtracks. Above, however, are the songs he did specifically for particular soundtracks, meaning they might have ended up elsewhere later on, but they originally appeared on the soundtrack release, and in some cases were written specifically for the film or video-game to which the soundtrack was attached . Each song has a history unto itself, some more obscure than others. For example, everybody knows Eric B. & Rakim's era-defining hit, "Juice (Know the Ledge)," from the film of the same title, but what about "Take the Train," a kind of trip-hop collaboration with musician Danny Saber, which appeared on the Rugrats Movie Soundtrack?! Saber, interestingly enough, was a member of the group, Black Grape, which also featured personnel from the famous Madchester rock outfit, Happy Mondays. Also worth noting, "R.A.K.I.M.," from the 8-Mile soundtrack, was one of the few songs Rakim released while signed with Aftermath; and "Getting Up Anthem," though produced by Bronx producer Charlemagne, appeared on the soundtrack of a video-game scored by RJD2 and the RZA, which begs the question, how haven't I heard this.

As always, let me know if I missed anything.

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